Xbox 720 And PS4 Release Dates Nothing To Be Excited About? Gaming Experts Less Than Enthused

As millions of hardcore gamers and casual consumer alike search high and low for any signs or whispers of Xbox 720 and the PS4, a number of elite gaming figures and authorities do not appear to share their enthusiasm.

In fact, it has come to such a point now where some are suggesting that rather that the revolution the gamers of the world are expecting, all the new-generation consoles are likely to bring is disappointment.

Needless to say, such comments have NOT gone down well with certain advocates.

As time moves closer to an inevitable announcement of either or both of the consoles’ existence, more and more experts and analysts are coming forward to throw in their own two-cents on the matter.

While most are entirely in agreement that the specs boasted by the new consoles and the hardware under the hood will be unlike anything any gamer has seen before, it is being suggested that the overall impact and prowess of the devices will be considerably less than the sum of their parts.

Those behind the criticism base their arguments in theories that pretty much any and every artistic vision and gaming idea the best in the business may come up with can already be handled superbly on high-powered PCs and existing consoles. In essence, they argue that gaming on an advanced level may have peaked and to throw massive new power behind future endeavors would yield only minor results at best.

As the debate continues, the Xbox 360 has been brought up to illustrate exactly what it is that the critics are trying to say. Even five years after its launch, the 360 remains right at the top of the ladder and still attracts huge sales the world over – a shelf-life unprecedented in the world of gaming and evidence that perhaps a peak has indeed been reached.

However, those on the other side of the equation argue that such critics are nothing more than casualties of the mobile gaming revolution and have sold their souls to Apple and Android.

Their fears are that as tens of millions continue the mass exodus away from hardcore gaming and toward casual mobile gaming, the console industry will at best stall altogether, or at worst regress back to much less impressive era.

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