Work is Made Easier by these 3 Lesser Known Google Tools

While Gmail, Docs, Drive, Analytics and even Maps count themselves among the Google tools used widely by businesses and other workplaces, the Mountain View giant also has some other aces up its sleeve. Below is a brief overview of three such lesser known but acclaimed Google tools.



Ours is an age of smartphones. Every application created in the world today needs to have an equally functional smartphone version to achieve any degree of success and respect. This logic also applies for websites. For any site to gain in popularity it has to feature a mobile version. This is because more and more users are browsing the web through their smartphones these days.


GoMo is a tool by Google that allows you to understand the process of creating a mobile site. It also lets you assess how friendly your website is to mobile devices. GoMo includes a tool that replicates the way your website will appear on any smartphone. The tool also evaluates the site on a couple of simple parameters; like if a user is able to click on links using the thumb. Overall, GoMo provides great feedback and if you wish to correct some of the glitches, the app also directs you to expert developers’ websites.

Google Forms


One of the most feature rich and yet user friendly survey tools currently available, Google Forms can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. The tool also comes as a free add-on to Google Drive. Google Forms has a wide collection of templates (with choices like checkbox, multiple choice, text answers or scale) you can use to create surveys. The tool also lets you share a survey with other people through email or even Google Hangouts. Submitting the completed survey involves clicking a button at the bottom. All the responses along with the survey are stored in your Google Drive account. You can view these results either via a spreadsheet or a summary.

Priority Inbox

Gmail already has in place a marking mechanism that highlights mails the email client deems as important. This marking is in the form of a yellow arrow next to the message itself. Users can further improve this system by manually changing their choices. Normally, an email’s importance is determined using Google’s algorithms.


Although this is a useful feature, there is an even better alternative named Priority Inbox. To access this feature, you need to click on the ‘Inbox’ button on the left side of your Gmail window. This brings up an inbox styled menu, from where you need to select ‘Priority Inbox’. This feature groups all your important and unread messages right on top of the normal inbox. You can switch back to the standard mode quite easily by simply clicking on the ‘Classic’ option from the aforementioned inbox styled menu.

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