Windows Phone 7.8 Might Be Rolled Out This Week

Nokia, in partnership with Microsoft, showcased its new Windows Phone 8 powered handsets more than a month ago. While the first handsets sporting WP8 (from HTC and Samsung) have already hit the market, most users of WP7 are still waiting for their devices to be updated to WP 7.8. Microsoft had announced quite some time back that consumers who purchased the previous generation Windows Phone 7 handsets will not get an upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Microsoft attributed this to the completely new structure of WP8 and its inability to run on older hardware.

Windows Phone 7.8

Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft, though, did promise an improved version of WP7 that was duly moniker-ed Windows Phone 7.8. This update might now finally see light of the day come this week. Although there are no dates to confirm the release, there is sizable anticipation and hope that Microsoft will do it sooner than later.

Windows Phone 7.8 will bring in a number of new features for users of previous generation Windows mobile phones. This means it would fetch some new experience to the windows lovers.

Improvements over Versions 7 & 7.5

There has been a spate of video leaks in the last few months that feature handsets running the latest and final 7.8 update. The update was shown to feature a newer start screen that can be seen in Windows Phone 8. The internet browser on 7.8 has also undergone some minor tweaks. However, for those hoping to get to see IE 10 on their WP7 devices, there is bad news. It is believed that Microsoft will most likely persist with IE9 by adding some enhancements to it that will improve the browsing experience compared to earlier. But, IE10 is not ruled out completely as there may be a decision swing at the end.

The update will also bring in changes to the appearance of the user interface of legacy handsets like the Nokia 800. More color themes will be incorporated into the update. Also available to the users will be an option to edit MP3 files on the phone itself. This can enable users to create ringtones; something that was a major gripe with WP7 phones. There is also the lockscreen from WP8, which enables users to change the wallpapers through apps.

While these are improvements authored by Microsoft, Nokia is throwing in a few of its own embellishments. Nokia phones with the WP 7.8 update will feature a contacts transfer app in addition to Bluetooth sharing of files.

WP 7.8 users will also be able to resize the live tiles as per their preference. This customization may open new doors to flexibility taking handling into consideration.

Microsoft’s Official Response

At the time of writing, Microsoft refused to come up with any dates for the 7.8’s release. However, the company did say they were hoping to share the release dates in future. All this points to the probability of the update or as Microsoft calls it a ‘Value Pack’, being released by the end of this week!

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