Windows 8 RTM Arriving in August and on Shelves in October

Microsoft announced after a meeting with different partners that the new generation of its operating system, which will have several versions and will be under the line of Windows 8 will be released in October. None of rumours and words is true and this news directly comes from Redmond and is kinda official.

During the first week of August, Microsoft will give the RTM (Release to Manufacture) of Windows 8 to its members and if everything goes well, we will have Hardware(s) with Windows 8 in October this year. All this was left at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 that took place in Toronto. The announcement was in charge of the CFO, Tami Reller, and this is the first official detail as to the date of Windows 8.

Windows 8 Official Launch Date

The RTM version is the version hardware partners get to see how the final version of operating system works with their devices and hardware. Various possibilities, compatibility, issues and almost everything is checked by hardware manufacturers. In-short, they will check how the final version of the OS goes with their new devices so that they can be ready for launch and sales. And during the checks, if issues peep in and changes are required, then as always, they will come in the form of updates or service packs.

One detail that this date gives is that Microsoft might send RTM copies to its partners in August, which means at that time developers will stop working on the operating system. It gives them a deadline which is in August. 3 weeks left for the big time.

This launch will occur so just after 3 years of the release of Windows 7, offering a good overview of how it has changed and evolved as the most used system in the world all these years.

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