Windows 7 To Get IE10 Preview Version On Next Month

Microsoft today announced that it will be releasing a preview version of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 users in middle of November. The announcement will likely be a good news for Windows 7 users. After all, Internet Explorer 10 will be available for all users of Windows 8 when they get the new operating system.

IE10 on Windows 7

Microsoft clearly said that Internet Explorer 10 version will follow after the company has collected its developer supports and customer feedback. These two things are very important to grow up the performance of the company.

According to Rob Mauceri analyst, IE10 can give up improved real-world performance and additional standard support to Windows 7. Windows 7 users have had some experience with IE10 already, via a Platform Preview. Like IE10 on Windows 8, Windows 7 also has the same standards for developers.

Need For Preview Version

Now, all the Windows 7 subscribers have been asking, why the software giant is planning to release a preview version instead of final code for web developers and Microsoft hasn’t replied to them yet. It looks clear that every developer want to get their hands with the final version of IE10!


Internet Explorer 10 preview for Windows 7 will be available in Middle of November. Microsoft is promising that IE10 on Windows 7 should satisfy the customer requirements.

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