Why And Where To Buy The Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Unless you’ve been spending the majority of the week so far hiding under a rock, you’ll no doubt be fully aware that Google has finally lifted the lid on its new Nexus 7 tablet – much to the delight of millions.

So, now that the existence of the Google Nexus 7 can no longer be disputed, the only questions that remain are those of why you should buy one, along with where and when you can do so?

Why and Where to Buy the Google Nexus Tablet

Why the Nexus 7?

It would be all-too easy to win over anyone with a price tag of just $199, but what makes the Google Nexus 7 so astonishing is the fact that it packs a quite bewildering desirable spec-sheet to boot. There is simply nowhere else on the market today you find an Asus machine with an Nvidia quad-core processor and a brand new Google Android 4.1 OS at the helm for anything close to this price – period.

True, we all know than all the grunt in the world doesn’t guarantee an excellent user-experience as standard, but in the case of the Google Nexus 7, is really is about as smooth and refined as it gets. True, it might not have the raw versatility or prowess of the iPad, but you could take home three Nexus 7 tablets for the price of one mid-range iPad – so you can’t really ask for more!

All in all, you should buy a Nexus 7 if you’re looking for an incredible media consumption device that you can invest in without having to worry about it becoming out of date in the near future or indeed putting too much of a dent in your bank balance.

Where to Buy the Google Nexus Tablet

With regard to where to buy the Google Nexus Tablet, Google is currently taking preorders by way of its official website, with deliveries expected to begin mid-July. People from Australia, Canada, USA and UK can use the following links to pre-order the Nexus 7 tablet.

Pre-order Nexus 7 Tablet (8GB)

Pre-Order Nexus 7 Tablet (16GB)

And yes, even the few weeks between now and then does feel like an eternity!!

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