What Will Be The Specifications Of Google Nexus Tablet?

Google Nexus Tablet is being awaited for release because of unique and up-to-date specifications. To fit into the price range of $149 to $199, tablet is expected to feature following specifications:

Lightning Fast Processor

The initial choice of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor is expected to be replaced by Qulacomm Snapdragon processor. This rumor holds a lot of weight because of the fact that Google partner Asus and Qualcomm are believed to have strong working relationship.

Ice Cream Sandwich OS

Earlier it was believed that Android OS 5.0 Jelly Bean will be the choice of operating system for Nexus. But following the success of Samsung Galaxy that runs on Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 OS, Google may also go for using this OS.

Amazing CPU Capacity

CPU will be dual-core Exynos 5250 type.

High Definition Camera

One of the cameras is on rear side with 5 mega pixel resolution. The front end camera is also present that will make the video-calling a fun experience.

Crystal clear display

1280 x 800 resolution display for ensuring top-class display quality. It will be of Samoled type.

Internet anywhere, anytime

Internet connectivity is only Wi-Fi supported and 4G connectivity is expected

Advancement over Amazon Kindle

E-book reader similar to Amazon Kindle is the main inspiration of Google Nexus. Apart from eBook, music and other applications are likely to be supported by the tablet.

7-inch Cesign and Other Features

The 7–inch design is believed to have a full-size SD slot, a micro HDMI port and a micro USB connector.

Pre-loaded Game Application

This Android slate will have pre-loaded Google play store making it the first choice for the kids. A large number of popular Android applications along with music, videos and e-games are supported by this new entry on the block. Unique integration with Google+, the famous social networking site is another lovable feature of the new offering.

Large Memory Space

RAM is of 1GB. And the slots to insert memory cards will be able to extend the memory space to 16 GB. The applications related to music, videos and loads of photographs and documents can be stored without thinking about the memory space.

To sum up, the key features include:

  • Quad-core system-on-chip process reduced to two-core system
  • ASUS MeMo 370T
  • The release date is expected to be in last week of June or first week of July

Google Nexus tablet rumors are getting mixed responses from the people. Some say they wanted quad-core processor as paying some extra bucks could help them get better quality. Others are eagerly waiting for this result of nexus between Google and ASUS.

The fast internet connectivity, high-quality interface, capacitative screen and ability to process the request in the fastest mode possible will sure to win the hearts of speed lovers. All such features are just rumored as of now; the last word remains with the makers only. Google Nexus table will not be in the market as another iPAd and will be more close to Amazon Kindle.

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  1. EpicKing says:

    this will just another fart in the wind among the thousands different Android Tablets already out there. Granted … Google can fart a little louder than most, but Amazon is hurting them so Google has decided to take them on.
    Suddenly … everybody wants to be like Apple and be everything for everybody … sad.
    (ps … no, never owned an Apple) … But i have lots of Android tablets.

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