What Will Be The Price Of Google Nexus Tablet?

Google Nexus Tablet is in direct competition with Amazon Kindle Fire. This search engine expert has teamed up with Asus to create a 7-inch android tablet.

The price is estimated to be $199 and to make it affordable further, a variant is being introduced at $149 also. The tablet will be out somewhere around June and is expected to follow the success of Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble netbook.

Price should be in Consonance with the Look

Though slated for May release, the launch has been postponed to July to work on the possibility of reducing the price from $249. The 7-inch size of the tablet is not expected to be of such high price by the consumers as per the market study conducted. Hence, the developers have finally worked on the possibility of reducing the price to minimum possible to stand out in the competition.

Low Price means More Modifications

A lot needs to be done on the specifications front to bring the price range into affordable range. Those people who cannot afford Apple will look for some option which has the similar quality but affordable price. With the presence of tablets falling under the price range of $150 to $200, the pricing is one of the factors that needed immediate attention from the minds behind the Google Nexus.

The display resolution is one of the factors that can be compromised to some extent to solve the high price issue.

Low Price means More Partnerships

Obviously, setting up the all-new business environment is anytime costlier than acquiring the established entity. This search giant is thus, having talks with the partner Asus to acquire the genius of Motorola Mobility. This will help the company to reduce the cost factor and thus placing the new launch at the handsome price of $199 will not be a loss- making deal.

This low-price game is going to be a pain in the neck for the other Android counterparts. It is going to be really difficult for other players to win the game with their existing pricing structure.

Google is not after iPad

With the whole range of iPads already in the market, the Google Nexus is not going to another player in iPad area. It will be more like a Kindle. Since Google has other options to make money from, this search giant is ready to give tough fight to the other players in terms of price structure.
Media and Advertising Costs

Since media and advertising is the original forte of Google, the advertising cost will not be a big burden for the company. Hence, talking about the product is not a pricey thing for the company.

Hence, a lot is being heard about the Google Nexus tablet that is going to be priced at $149 to $199 which is justified because of the availability of all sorts of supports that allows Google to keep the competitive price range for its product. The clear picture will emerge only after the release; till then discussions are warming up the gossip rounds.

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