What To Do And What Not To Do – The Digital Signage Content Edition

Whatever the goals are for your Digital Signage the quality of the content is key. If you get it wrong, you may not get the returns from the screen that you were expecting. But what can you do to make sure that you have the best Digital Signage content possible?

The first point that you need to consider is how you are going to create your content. The most important point before anything is that anyone can create Digital Signage content, no matter your budget or creative skills, producing beautiful Digital Signage content is within your grasp. The simplest form of creating content is with Microsoft PowerPoint. The program is readily available and it is easy for users of any technical ability to create great looking images and videos. If you want to take your content creation to a greater level then the next solution would be to employ a third party firm to design your content for you. A content creation company can take all the hassle out of the process and create professional-grade content for a fee. Another content creation method is doing content creation in-house, if you have a marketing or design team. If you have the resources available they should be able to design a variety of content that is suitable.


So now you know how to make it, here are the do‘s and don’ts of Digital Signage content creation

Do make it the right size – with Digital Signage screens making sure your content is the right size and aspect ratio for your screen is of the upmost importance. If your content is not the right size then the screen will not display the content correctly and can also cause other issues with the media player. Distortion of the content can also occur if the screen is not the right size or aspect ratio. If you have logo/branding on your content then this type of distortion is not ideal.

Don’t clutter the screen – cluttering the screen with too much text or excessive graphics makes it more likely that the screen will be ignored. Try and keep the content simple. If you are unsure of if a text or graphic is needed on your content is needed, ask yourself ‘does the message I want to convey change if this is here or not?’ If the answer is no then it may be clutter and detract from your content. On the same point though you want to try and create visually stimulating content that people will enjoy looking at.

Do make your content relevant – making your content relevant to the audience you are targeting is a sure fire way of making sure your content is successful in its aim. Digital Signage can help achieve this with special scheduling features. For example a café can display a breakfast menu in the morning a lunchtime menu in the afternoon and a dinner menu in the evening. Don’t miss out by failing to target the relevant audience.

Don’t forget to include a call to action – according to Tom from Allsee Technologies Ltd “successful marketing campaigns will employ a call to action from its viewer subconsciously. They can be simple instructions like ‘visit our store today’ to something more demanding”. Whatever the request, your content is trying to provoke a reaction from a viewer that is so strong that they follow your directions and potentially become a customer.

Do make the most of what Digital Signage can offer – compared to static printing materials, the possibilities with Digital Signage are limitless. So why not take advantage and make your content infinitely more exciting. Networking your screen can unlock a variety of features that might be just what you are after for your content. Our advice though is to use these features sparingly. Just because they are available does not mean that is suitable for the message you want to send. Remember do not clutter the screen.

Don’t be boring – one of the worst sins you can make with Digital Signage is to be boring. What is the point of having a fantastic looking display if all you are going to show is a static slideshow? The key to successful Digital Signage content is movement. Content that moves is more than likely to catch the eye of passers-by. Images, however, are a fundamental part of Digital Signage. But different variety in the media you use can increase the chance of your content catching the eye of potential customers.

Do think outside the box – this is probably the easiest piece of advice we can give but be creative! No matter your artistic skill try and think what kind of content would appeal to you and try and aim towards that. Keep in mind that your content is an extension of your brand. Try and make your Digital Signage as clean looking and as legible as possible.

Don’t forget your existing marketing materials – just because you invest in Digital Signage it does not mean that you have to invest a lot into the content creation if you already have previous content available. For example say you have had a poster in a light box that you are replacing with a Digital Signage screen. The image that previously would have been sent to the printers can now simply be uploaded to the screen and there you go! From your logo to leaflets you probably have a lot more marketing materials then you think that can all be helpful in the creation of your content.

No matter where your screen is situated, and for what purpose it is being used, it is essential that you get the content right so it can engage in the manner that you would like it too. The do’s and don’ts that we have gone through are guidelines that if you follow can lead you to great success with your Digital Signage. Now is the chance for you to go and great some great and exciting new content.

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