What The Microsoft Tablet Must Deliver To Succeed

Whether or not the fabled own-brand Microsoft Tablet makes an appearance tomorrow or not, most of us have already knocked up our own weird and wonderful wish-lists as to what we expect a pure Windows 8 Tablet to deliver.

However, weird and wonderful is one thing, but there are more than a few areas in which the Microsoft Tablet MUST deliver in order to succeed, including the following five essentials:

What the Microsoft Tablet Must Deliver to Succeed

Five Essentials Microsoft Tablet Must Deliver To Succeed

  1. Easy to Acquire Content – What has made the Apple’s iOS devices so biblically successful and of course its closest Android rivals is the way in which users can access and download anything and everything they want and need in seconds at the touch of a button. As such, Microsoft not only needs to offer a system of effective and simple content acquisition that works, but one that can keep up with the biggest names in the business.
  2. A Dreamy Specsheet – When it comes to specs and goodies under the hood, “amazing” and “next-generation” have been and are being done to death as we speak. In turn, Microsoft will have to take everything to the next level and beyond in order to turn heads with its own-brand tablet’s specs, as to some out with something right in the middle of the market is one of the biggest consumer turn-offs of all…particularly if the Microsoft Tablet carries its expected weighty price tag.
  3. Realistic Pricing – Remaining with the above point, nobody is expecting the Microsoft tablet to hit the shelves for the change in your pocket, but it is going to prove VERY difficult for them to hit the nail on the head quite like Apple has with the iPad. In fact, it has already been suggested that the tab will retail well above the price of the entry-level new iPad, which if true will be perhaps one of its biggest obstacles to overcome.
  4. App-Sharing – There are millions upon millions of amazing Android apps that continue to earn developers billions, despite the fact that they are locked into the OS and therefore offer little versatility in terms of household computers and laptops. As such, the Microsoft Tablet must deliver a simple and comprehensive level of cross-compatibility between Windows laptops, desktops and Smartphones in order to curry the necessary favor.
  5. Multitasking – It’s amazing that at this point in time and with all the stunning features and adornments in the world, no tablet on the market offers truly useful and effective multitasking. The Windows OS on the other hand made its name by offering multitasking and multi-windows operation, which in turn adds up to a feature that isn’t just preferable for the Microsoft Tablet, but mandatory.

Microsoft is expected to announce its new Windows Tablet tomorrow, with a release date to follow as early as July.

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