What Are The Expected Features Of Nexus Tablet?

The Nexus tablet is expected to be displayed in the month of July at the next Google IO in 2012. Since the tablet is expected to eat up the market of Kindle Reader, it is being nicknamed as Kindle Fire Killer.

Some of the features explained by Google CEO are believed to win an edge over the existing tablets falling in the price range of $149 to $199. When the Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chipset was announced to become the backbone of this tablet, the real brain behind the development was expected to be ASUS.

Nexus tablet will be the media tablet and will be called Google Nexus

To get an edge over the Kindle Fire, apart from books – videos, music and games applications will be supported on this tablet. The nomenclature of this tablet is believed to be Google Nexus implying the joint venture between ASUS and Google.

Android 4.0 OS

Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System is supporting all the major features for which the tablet is loved. The Operating System will be Android 4.0 which was easy to speculate as the tie-up between ASUS and a leading processor manufacturer is well-known. This can ensure the price to cut down by couple of dollars. However, the processor type will be dual-core instead of quad-core.

Competitive Price Range

The most likeable feature of this tablet is its price range. While the premium priced tablets are priced at $250 and above, the introduction of a tablet at a reasonable price range of $149 to $200 is a gift for gadget fans and threat to the costlier counterparts.

The new marketing strategy will be formulated by the companies who are at present selling the tablets at almost double the price. All the features are believed to be an innovation in the field of technology and connectivity and they are found to be a complete package in such a marvelous price range.

HOLO Interface

HOLO UI will be the interface for Google Nexus. It supports design fragmentation and professional appearance is another advantage of this interface. HOLO will be analogous to MS Paint.

Play Station Applications

A lot of play station applications are supported in the tablet. The availability of play station support in the form of Google Play Station makes it a big storehouse for thousands of games in this device.

Common Features of Nexus Tablet

It is supposed to a 7-inch screen tablet. The chip is dual-core processor and operating system will be Android 4.0 which will support lot of advanced applications.

The Nexus tablet is going to hit the US stores in July. It is expected that separate online stores will be devoted as one-stop shop for these tablets. The first lot will have around 1 to 2 million units manufactured and booking for them is going to start very soon.

Google is doing every bit to come up as a promising tablet provider. A lot of Google resources have been fragmented for this project and the expertise in marketing tools is sure to get the breakthrough in the price game.

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