Want to Save Money on Your Phone Bill – Use These Apps

The lives of many smartphone users are irredeemably intertwined with their respective devices. This amount of dependence has led to a situation where most of us are spending copious amounts of money on paying up the phone bill. So how exactly do we save on the phone bill without seriously affecting our productivity levels? The answer to that can be found in the apps featured below. These are apps that can help shave off a significant portion of your regular phone bill. Read on to know more.




This is one of the most sought after and well received apps of late. Onavo’s main USP is that it compresses all data used by your phone. It accomplishes this by reducing the amount of data that your phone receives. Naturally, this lowers your phone’s data consumption and thereby extends your monthly data pack or keeps the bill in check. This compression of data is made possible since Onavo acts as a sort of middleman between your phone and the source from where data originates. When you request for any data through your phone, that data, instead of being directly sent to your phone, is first sent to Onavo’s servers where it undergoes compression. After the compression is completed, the data is sent to your phone. On an average, for people who use data throughout the day, this could lead to savings of around 10-15 MB. For an entire month, that translates into almost 300-400 MB, which is quite huge. This is more like the zipping task performed by Winzip or Winrar and compressing pictures using a good photo software or say Adobe photoshop.

Onavo is available across both Android and iOS platforms. In fact, a Windows Phone version is in the works as well and would see the lights of commercialization very soon.



Viber has sets the apps chart on fire ever since it debuted. The main talking point of the application is that it allows you to make calls and send text messages to any other phone that has the same app installed. This is significant because of two reasons, first is the ability to call and text across different carriers and phones, and second is the ability to make calls and send texts across two completely different platforms like Android and iOS. That said, there are a few other apps that do the same task as well. Examples include, Whatsapp, iMessage and PingChat. However, Viber manages to beat them when it comes to user interface, overall design, and ease of use. Viber users can make calls to other Viber users anywhere around the world. Your address book information is assimilated by the app quite seamlessly. Viber also does not need a username or PIN to get working.

Viber is available for users of both the iOS and Android platforms.

These two apps can definitely help you manage your phone bills in a better and more economically efficient way.

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