Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 3/3)

This is the third and final part of our verdict and full review of Apple’s iPhone 5. In the first two parts we discussed about why iPhone 5 differ from iPhone 4S, about the look of the device, the screen talk of course as it has become taller now, and something about the 4G LTE network support. In this part we will only discuss about the camera of iPhone 5 as it has been much improved.

Before we go on with the discussion part about the camera of iPhone 5, let us have a quick look to the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘the bottom line’ of the iDevice.

The Good of iPhone 5

It has got almost all the additions that we wanted from a journey of iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. It has got 4G LTE support, longer screen, larger screen, faster A6 processor, free turn-by-turn navigation, slim, light weight, and sharp redesign from top to bottom.

The Bad of iPhone 5

The newly introduced Apple Maps app is much below expectation, in fact it has some noticeable numbers of errors. Verizon Wireless and Sprint users cannot use simultaneously the data and voice. The Lightening connector run is not useable without adapter. We expected NFC (near field communication) in the phone but it is missing.

The Bottom Line About iPhone 5

It’s a complete rebuild phone equipped with new features and new design too. Apple has addressed to some major earlier shortcomings in previous iPhones. In our review we feel this is the best iPhone ever Apple has made. Also, it holds the top places in the smartphone universe.

Camera of iPhone 5

Now let us come back to our review part and talk something about the camera before we end for you to think and comment.

The camera is still of 8-megapixel but with new sapphire-crystal lens. The improved hardware of the phone enables some good features associated with the camera such as dynamic low-lighting adjustment, capable of taking still shots while shooting video and image stabilization on the 1080p video camera.

The iPhone 5 camera snaps excellent pictures. In low-light the images are far clearer, and in bright light the images are really wonderful. It has filled those aspects of camera performance that iPhone 4S lacked.

Also, the new iSight camera is faster than iPhone 4S in taking pictures. The multiple shots are also lightning-fast. It is not a multiburst in actual but three consecutive taps clicked three photos, which was missing in iPhone 4S.

The image stabilization of the phone keeps the videos less jumpy. Video taken while walking is stabilized with less of jerks.

The front camera of iPhone 5 has been upgraded to 720p. Recording own homemade videos is better.

Apart from these discussed features the iOS 6 is new for the iPhone 5, and also for your iPhone 4S if you upgrade the OS. We have discussed the iOS 6 features in a separate review post. You can read it from the below link:

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Apple’s iPhone 5 is a perfection of a form in progress and not something of reinvention of a form. It has some of the big reasons to upgrade. The improved Siri, the better battery, faster processor and more real-estate screen are just few of the reasons apart from what we have discussed in the post.

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