Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 1/3)

We may be late in publishing a review on Apple’s iPhone 5, but the late is worth as it is the full review of Apple’s just released smartphone. You will come across our verdict at the end of the post as before that let me write in full what you, or rather we all, are getting in the iPhone 5, and how those features and specifications are performing.

Before I start with the review part, let me tell you that this is the iPhone that we all wanted since 2010. Yes, even last year just before the unveiling of iPhone 4S we expected iPhone 5 to be announced by Apple.

How iPhone 5 differ from iPhone 4S

We all liked Apple’s iPhone 4S even without 4G, giant screen and iOS 6. Of course the Siri voice assistant was an added advantage to use the phone along with its spectacular camera. Then, it was a top choice for us, or rather for anyone, to upgrade our phone to iPhone 4S.


And now? The iPhone 5 got 4G LTE technology, a larger screen, all the goodies of iOS 6, subtly improved camera, better speakerphone as well as noise-canceling quality, smarter Siri, turn-by-turn navigation, Passbook, location-aware digital wallet app for storing boarding passes, tickets, gift cards etc., and some more improvements.

Well, what do you say? After waiting for a full year is these features enough? At least for me it is. In fact, being true here, I don’t need much more in my phone.

Apple has come up with handful of new and important features every year with its new launching. This time it has given us new design, a larger screen and 4G LTE. These three are on the top while we check the ins and outs of this smartphone.

Two things are too much noticable in the iPhone 5. First is its light weight, despite of its longer and bigger screen. It is in fact the lightest iPhone Apple has every made. It is only 3.95-ounce. iPhone 4S is about 4.9 ounces and iPhone 3G is 4.7 ounces. The second is its longer screen. Extra space on the screen adds good amount of document viewing areas and in landscape the video fits perfectly. More to this, it accommodates an extra row of icons on the home screen.

The Look

The look is awesome in the first glance. Well, it is years of transformation for Apple. It got circular Home button and as a whole it is pocketable rectangle.

It has wide metal body, longer than iPhone 4S and of course thinner than it too. Remember, it is not massive like that of HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Note. And yes, it is above iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Viewing the phone from the front and side it will closely resemble the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The sleep/wake button is on top in all the three and the volume buttons are similar round metal. Also, the silence switch is the same. Headphone jack no more occupies to top space. It has migrated to the bottom similar to what we see in iPod Touch. You may like it, you may not. It depends. In fact the bottom is now completely different than the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Apart from the headphone jack it also houses redesigned speakers, Lightning connector port (tinier dock port) and also a different type of perforated grille.

Gorilla Glass is no more seen in the back end. Metal has replaced it. The two-tone look of the iPhone 5 is something new, but not absolutely new. Remember, the silver-and-black back side of the first-generation iPhone? Well, the top and bottom of the back side have not changed. It is still glass. The anodized aluminum is the same as MacBook laptops of 2008.

Is it that the aluminum back has helped in weight reduction? Yes, partly as glass back would have been a bit heavier.

More to all these, Apple has moved with a Nano-SIM card into it, but has it made the device dramatically different? No I guess as much as iPhone 4 was from the third-generation of iPhone. iPhone 5 in fact seems to me like a fusion phone with MacBook and iPad design. Even the large screen is not noticeable from a distance.

The Screen

Finally the screen has been extended from 3.5-inch to 4 inches, but not wider though. It has gained some pixel too in the resolution. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 provided a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels but the iPhone 5 comes with 1136 x 640 pixels, which is same as Retina Display. Moreover, it has provided extra pixel real estate for an extra row to icons. Also, now it gives more room to other features and future apps or app updates. The photos are displayed bigger now and the videos fit perfectly to the screen in landscape mode.

As always, the user interface is the same as other iPhones. It has got app icons in a grid and dock of up to 4 applications at the bottom. This time the grid accommodates five rows of four apps and not four rows of four apps. This extra space makes pop-up notification banners prominent, neat and less intrusive at the bottom or top.

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eBook pages seem much stretched in iPhone 5. The document text is larger in portrait mode and in landscape mode it is bigger fitting more words on a line. The keyboard is more spread in landscape mode giving some extra space too on the sides. Well, portrait typing is much preferred as the size and width are the same and the extra space shows more visible text.

Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 2/3)
Verdict – Apple’s iPhone 5 Full Review; Finally Best iPhone (Part 3/3)

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