Various Issues with Windows 8 Installation

Microsoft is a renowned name in the field of software industry and is known for manufacturing outstanding software to provide a high level of comfort to computer users. The latest software introduced by the company is Windows 8. This operating system is designed to provide a cutting-edge technology to computer users with excellent performance. With this operating system, the users can use their systems like a Smartphone or a tablet. Now, it is possible to use the various features like emails, video capturing, music downloading, instant messaging, share photos, operate the control panel, check live updates and much more from your system’s start screen.


Window 8 provides an enhanced gestural experience to the users which was lacking in the existing operating systems. In order to have an experience of the smooth functioning of this latest operating system, you need to install it. Like Windows 7, you can either install a fresh operating system by cleaning up the existing one or can upgrade the previous one, the choice is all yours. All the computer users generally get excited while installing new software to their computer, but there might be some installation problems which can be faced by you during the process. Here are some of the most commonly faced issues during Windows 8 Installation.

Post-Installation Black Screen

The most common problem faced by the users is the appearance of a black screen after successful installation of the operating system. The complete installation process is done smoothly but as soon as the process completes, the screen goes blank. Most of the users are not able to predict the problem of this outcome. In order to deal with this issue you can follow these steps. Use a DVD or bootable USB for installing the operating system to your computer. If there is an issue, make sure that the Plug and play OS is enabled. This can be done by checking the BIOS settings of the computer. Make sure, that the firewall and antivirus is disabled during the installation process.

Missing Important Drivers/Files


Another problem that might arise during the installation process is absence of important files or drivers. This issue is generally faced during the disk selection. The problem can be resolved by holding the ALT key when the computer beeps at the time of rebooting. Keep pressing the key until a whirling gear appears. From the various options, choose your OS for start up disc drive.

Failed Upgrade

This situation arises when your computer system does not possess all the essential requirements necessary for installing Windows 8 successfully. In order to complete the installation process successfully, you need to upgrade the system. Disabling the Firewall and antivirus aids in the process. Make sure, that you use an effective internet connection in order to prevent any kind of break throughout the installation.

The above mentioned tips are indeed the instant solutions, if you are facing a problem during your windows 8 installation.

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