Using Skype to Boost Your Business Productivity

As much as Skype is popular among individual users, the application can also be used by businesses to enhance their productivity levels. Apart from saving you sizable amounts of money, these methods can also help save time.


Include a Button for Skype on Your Website

Ideally, every website would like to offers its visitors an option to make a voice call for free. One of the most common ways to do so is by getting a toll free number on your website. However, that would entail sizable spending on your part. This is where the virtues of putting up a Skype button come in. This would surely be appreciated by your customers calling in for sales and service related issues.


You can choose a button from over 6 different styles, out of which two keep changing as per your status on Skype, i.e. offline or online. After choosing a style, you need to paste the HTML code of that button onto any location you desire on your website. You can finish by including some description of the button and its functions for the visitor’s benefit.

If you are more interested in getting a smaller Skype button, take a look at the ‘Skype button wizard’. Here, you can change the size, style, background, color and some other areas of the Skype button.

Seamlessly Integrate with Conference Calls

If your area of work or business involves a lot of conference calls, you must obviously be aware of the various hassles of joining the same. You need to start off by searching for the call details in your schedule, dial the said number, type in the required passcode etc.


Wouldn’t be nice if some app did all those things for you leaving you to quietly concentrate on the call itself? That is exactly what Plantronics’s InstantMeeting add-on does. This add-on can be installed for free and it gleans all important information about any conference call from the calendar of your Outlook account. It then reminds you of the impending start of any meeting and offers a single click dialing of the number through Skype. The add-on also informs other people of any delays if you are the meeting’s organizer.

Get Hold of a Skype Online Number


Although getting a Skype button for your website is a nice feature, it still can’t match up to having a dedicated phone number that people can use to call you up. However, a Skype Online Number can fill this void perfectly. Basically, this is nothing but a distinct phone number that enables people to call you from their cellphones as well as landline phones. And just like normal phones, the calls at your end are notified through a normal ring replete with caller line identification. Although this feature will cost you, the advantages it offers are worth the money you pay.

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