Using Photoshop Elements to Tag People in Your Photo Collection

One of the disadvantages of having a large photo collection is that it becomes virtually impossible to find and tag people in all the different photos. If you wish there was a program that could do the task for you, then you would be glad to know more about Photoshop Elements. Once you have consolidated your collection of photos into a single operable database using this program, you can use its inbuilt feature that recognizes people’s faces all by itself. This would then allow you to tag all the people that feature in your photo collection, a task that is otherwise headache-inducing.


Facial Recognition Technology

Photoshop Elements features a very advanced face recognition program that uses a tried and tested algorithm to find distinct faces within a large photo collection. To get the feature working, you need to locate and then click the button that reads ‘People’. Doing so opens a window that contains pictures of all those people who feature in your photo collection


Below each picture you’ll see a caption that goes ‘Who is this?’. You can click on any particular picture and enter information about the said person’s identity, i.e. name, nickname, handle etc.

Naming People



Although in most cases entering the first name should be more than enough, there could be situations where you would need to enter the full name to avoid confusion resulting from similar first and last names. If you are not sure about a person’s identity, just expand the face-view for a better look. Photoshop Elements also allows you to link the program with your Facebook account. This enables the program to go through your friends list on Facebook, which lets you choose names from the contacts list. You can also choose to not identify people known to you or total strangers by using the ‘Exclude’ option.

Searching All Photos for Matches


After you are done identifying the faces, the program scans your entire collection for those identified faces. Adobe, the program’s creator, claims the identification is performed by virtue of calculating the distance between the eyes with respect to a person’s nose. Supposedly, this distance remains constant and hence the program accurately identifies a face across different pictures spanning many years or even decades. The program does a good job here and is able to identify most pictures correctly.

The program also presents before you all the pictures that it considers to be of the same individual. You can manually clear out any inaccuracies here. With every mistake you correct, the program improves its precision. Once you are done with this, the program will tag all your photos with the names of people featuring in them. This operation is also performed on group pictures. Ultimately, you will be left with a collection that allows you to search for individual pictures with utmost ease.

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