Using CardDav Application to Sync iCloud Contacts

Losing contacts and important files can be really agonizing while changing your device. If you are one of those who made up your mind to walk away from the iPhone OS to get your hand on android and looking for a way to synchronize all your contact information and other data to the new device, then you are in the right place. This tutorial will give you a clear cut idea of how to transfer your data by using a simple application. Before starting on the actual process always create a backup of your files and other information on your existing device i.e. the iPhone. The iOS uses iCloud to store contacts, photos, music, calendars, books, applications and many more. It also provides an option to access these files from any device. Similarly, for the Google’s operating system android, you have the very popular CardDav.


What is CardDav?

The CardDav is typical software or you can say a server/client protocol which acts as an adapter for synchronization process and combines impeccably with other default contacts applications. It allows both one-way and two- way syncing process. The app offers to sync photos, contact information and data from almost any device running on an operating system. It supports custom labels like that of Apple and also discovery of address book. It is a great tool for importing your contacts to your android from iPhone or any other device.

How to Sync Contacts?

In order to get your files transported to your new android Smartphone, follow these simple steps as listed below to get the CardDav app up and running.

  • Go to the menu by tapping the 4 square block on the home screen and enter the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the search button and type CardDav. An option will appear as “Download and install”. Download this free application to your Smartphone. This may take few minutes depending on the connectivity speed.
  • Once the download process is over, the android OS will automatically install it.
  • Open up the application and make a fresh account of yours in CardDav.
  • In the space for server name, input
  • Make sure you turn on SSL on your android device
  • In the username and the password field, enter the ones that you use for your iCloud.
  • Before pressing OK, check whether one-way synchronizing is chosen. As the application is in a beta stage, two way synchronizing might not be a good choice.
  • After pressing OK, wait for few minutes to get over with the syncing process.

You will be notified as soon as the procedure has been done with. And that is it; you get all your contacts with phone numbers, names, emails etc deported to your new device without any trouble.

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