Impressive User Statistics and Figures of Some Google Products

Days ago, for the first time in History, Chrome surpassed Internet Explorer as the most used browser worldwide, and now Google gives several interesting figures on the number of users of Chrome and other products, such as the recently launched Google Drive, the Chrome Web Store and other classics like Gmail.

I can’t remember a day in last 5 years when I haven’t used a Google Product. Google means Internet. It is spread over each and every sector of the World Wide Web. We have been provided almost everything that we need to have a better web experience, may it be Email, Maps, Cloud Storage, Applications, Knowledge, Social Network, Connectivity etc.

User Statistics of Google Products

If you think that you are the only one who rely too much on Google and its products, then let me tell you that you are not alone. Let’s look at the usage statistics and find ourselves.

  • 310 Million active users are there in Chrome. This figure almost doubled from 160 million, which was announced in the I / O last year. (I/O is Google’s annual developer conference).
  • About 60 Billion words are typed each day in the empty search box of Chrome. Yes you heard it right. Its 60 Billion words, perhaps enough to write 10,00,000 Books every day.
  • 425 million people are actively using Gmail.
  • 10 million users were having Google Drive within 10 weeks of its release.
  • 5 million companies use Google tools to be active in the cloud.
  • The Chrome Web Store is available in 42 countries and their applications have been installed more than 750 million times.

Drop us a line if you are aware of some Google and its product’s usage records. We will be happy to list them above in the article.

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