Upgrade Ubuntu 12.4 to 12.10

The upgraded version of Ubuntu is out on offer but before upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 from an earlier version, be aware that Ubuntu 12.4 is generally more stable than later releases due to its LTS tag. If your productivity depends more on stability than on the newer features allowed by the latest version, it may be wise to hold off on upgrading for now.


Once you made a decision to upgrade, first and foremost thing you should do is to back up the primitive version. Then, back up important files, particularly your data files.  You can do this by putting them into your Ubuntu One file, and syncing before upgrading.  For added safety, make a full backup copy of your data on an external device such as a USB stick or a CD/DVD.  If something unexpected happens and your operating system breaks, it can be reinstalled.  If you lose your personal data it may not be recoverable.

Upgrading with Update Manager


    • First, open Update Manager from the power menu or the Dashboard.  Install any updates available for your current version.  If the upgrade prompt does not appear, click Settings on the lower left corner of the Update Manager window.  This will open up a Software Sources window.
    • Click: Notify me of a new Ubuntu version.  Then click for any new version. Do not alter or uncheck anything else.  The system will likely prompt the user to enter a password.
    • Close the Software Sources window.  Close and then reopen the Update Manager window.  A prompt will appear at the top of the window that version 12.10 is available.
    • Click on the Upgrade button to begin the process, and follow the on screen instructions.

Post- up-gradation Process

If you have additional “PPAs” added to your system they will be disabled by the upgrade.  If you need to use a specific PPA, check that it supports Ubuntu 12.10 and then re-add it.

Using the Apt-get command Line Tool

It is possible to update or upgrade current Ubuntu software using the apt-get command line tool.

  • apt-get update   is used to resynchronize package index files from the Internet.
  • apt-get upgrade   is used to install the newest versions of packages currently installed on the system.
  • apt-get install (packagename) is used for installation . If the package is already installed it will try to update.

1) To get an update software list, enter: $ sudo apt-get update.

2) To apply updates enter: $ sudo apt-get upgrade.

These two commands will fetch files from the Internet.

To upgrade individual software called foo type command:  $ sudo apt-get  install foo.

Even after you run the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10, installing the latest version, it is a good idea to once again run an Update.  There may be some additional bundles out there that did not come with the upgrade itself.  Update can be run either from the command line tool or using the Update Manager.

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