Unique Concept, Interactive Thriller – Alt-Minds Soon Launches On PC, Mac, Smartphones

The much anticipated game with a unique concept, exceptional story and an interactive thriller, Alt-Minds will be soon launched on TV, Video Game consoles, phones, tablets and Internet. The paranormal thriller is created on different platforms, offering to play a game on interactive thriller fiction. For most of the reviewers, this is the one of the path breaking games till date.

Alt-Minds is a paranormal mystery game where players have to find missing scientists. The investigation can also be done by a mobile app, finding clandestine locations with the help of geolocalisation option.

The game will be on PCs/Macs and tablets, and surprising element of the game is the more you use different media, the plot will become more complicated.

The script is twisted, complicated and very exciting. It combines reality and fiction in a very balanced way and conceptualised by stalwarts like for transmedia and video games, Eric Viennot, and Transmedia Lab’s Orange teams. The game is engrossing, even some characters will send emails and players can find clues online, via Google or Facebook.

The unique concept of game can give players to choose the level of engagement and interaction. Players can choose to be passive and watch the fiction or download the app on smartphone or tablet will keep them busy with the investigation through news feeds and videos. For more engagement, one can always try to find thousands of covert locations in the Europe and Russia.

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The game is available for free for a week. However, players can subscribe for approx £3 a week or a little less than £20 for the whole 8 week season.

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