UAE Smashes Bloggers With A Draconian Internet Law

Hey! You can’t make fun of you leaders on the website. You can be jailed for it. Yes, jailed if you are in any Middle Eastern country.

The United Arab Emirates government feels so and there has been some changes made in the law recently. UAE state news agency WAM reports drastic changes have been made in the provisions of law that look after the welfare of the citizens, and laws that can and cannot appear on the Web.

The report further says that anyone convicted of imitation or made an object of ridicule of the country’s leaders will serve a jail term.

The new law spells out penalties of imprisonment of any person who makes or uses an electronic website or any other information technology forum to deride or shame the character or designation of the state or any of its corporate.

All along, UAE was considered as a broad-minded and moderate Middle East Nations. But of late it is seen it has become a very undemocratic government.

As an instance, Ahmed Abdul Khaleq, an activist blogger was made to choose between indefinite detention or exile. This happened this year in July and the blogger had chosen for exile.

Four other men were also arrested with Ahmed and they were jailed on charges of openly questioning UAE’s president in an online forum.

Have a say? Don’t. Don’t voice anything here or any other place on the Web if you are in UAE and it is anything related to not abiding the law there.

UAE President passed the order the day before.

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