Two Ways to Help You Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable Gadget

Ever since the advent of gadgets like multi-core processor equipped phones or tablets and media players with huge screen sizes, the problem of inadequate battery life has always reared its ugly head. Most of these phones or tablets would not last through more than 8-10 hours of prolonged usage, which can be quite a problem, especially when you are traveling.


However, the two methods described below will help you get more out of your smartphone or tablet for longer periods than normal before running out of juice. Read on to know more.

Emergency Backup

An external battery back is one of the better ways to prolong the operating time of your phone, tablet, media player or even a laptop. There are a number of external power backs from reputed brands that you can choose from. A typical power pack can be hooked on to a portable device through the micro USB medium. If your device has a micro USB port (which is a universal feature today across all brands with the exception of Apple), you can simply plug in the power pack and allow the battery of your device to get charged. Some power packs even include an adapter for Apple’s proprietary 30-pin ports.


Such power packs have a very ergonomic size and shape. Most power packs would easily fit into the palm of your hands. They can be charged up through an AC outlet using the charger bundled within the package. If you are more into road trips then getting a car charger is also a worthwhile option. Some of the brands you can look at while scouting for power packs include Incipio, Joos, Tekkeon, and Scosche Revolt (car charger).

Battery Case

Battery cases can be bought for many popular models. These cases not only help in adding to the normal battery life but also keep the phone safe in case of any falls or bumps. A typical battery case features a connector plug that can be coupled with the phone’s charging port, which helps the latter’s battery to get charged. A major downside with battery cases, however, is the fact that you cannot use any dock accessories without separating the phone from the case.


Some of the battery case options tend to increase the battery life of a particular phone by more than double. This is also achieved without adding too much weight to the phone’s body. The cases also sport a switch that allows you to control the flow of charge between the phone and the case. Many of the cases also come in multiple color options.

Battery cases are also available for popular tablets like the iPad. However, the battery case models need to be bought in different types in order to be used for different versions of the iPad.

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