Two Apps that Enable You to Make Free Voice Calls

It is likely that voice call charges form the bulk of most monthly expenditures on your phone. It is also likely that most of us would love to cut down on this particular expenditure without really upsetting your productivity levels. Tempting, isn’t it? Well, fortunately the two apps featured here are quite popular for their use of VOIP technology. Read on to know more.



Skype, along with Yahoo Messenger, is probably one of the best known desktop applications of all time. Millions of people continue to use the desktop version for a variety of purposes around the world. So it was only natural for the software’s success to be replicated on a mobile platform. This led to the development of Skype for cell phones.


Skype is one of the best VOIP applications out there today. One of its better and more popular features is that it already has all your contacts in place. So you do not need to install any other app for starting conversations. You also do not have to invite any people to your network and can use the app right from the word go.

Skype on cell phones is no different to Skype on desktops. All the features from the desktop version have been ported to the mobile app in a seamless manner. Much like a desktop, Skype can always be running in your cell phone, which allows you to either make or receive calls anytime through Wi-Fi or your carrier network. Apart from making free Skype-Skype calls, users can also IM their contacts. And if you have access to some SkypeOut Credits, you can even make calls to landline phones anywhere in the world. It is also possible for Skype users to get themselves an online local number, which can be used by other Skype users to call them directly like normal mobile numbers.

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Although it is pretty much similar to Skype in terms of concept, Zerofone is different in the sense that it is iOS exclusive only. The app allows you to make VOIP calls through both carrier network and Wi-Fi.


One of the main reasons for the inclusion of Zerofone in this feature is its unmatched quality. Its integration level with iOS is amazing. Using Zerofone you can make calls to any other Zerofone equipped phone completely free of charge. It also allows you to make unlimited calls to anyone using either 3G or Wi-Fi. Wireless networks are rather easily available and accessible, something you can use to save on your roaming charges. Some of the other attractive features of Zerofone include online local phone numbers and a moderately priced subscription package that allows unlimited landline calls.

Voice calls these days get a flavor with the demand of video conferencing amid friends, relatives etc. The concepts of online recruitment through video interviews online and holding important meetings off the desk are slowly defining the nature of 21st century’s technology.


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