Tricks And Tips For Windows 8 That Will Make It Very Easy To Use

Windows 8 consumer preview was highly anticipated by majority windows user worldwide. After the consumer preview was made publicly available for testing it crossed 1 million downloads since last Wednesday.

It doesn’t matter whether you upgrade your windows 7 to windows 8 or you dual boot you will immediately notice new features and changes in windows 8 which makes it such interesting software to use and look forward to.

Windows 8  Tips And Tricks

The entire user experience of windows 8 has been revamped and they look better and also work faster as compared to other windows that have been released. Metro UI was designed for touch oriented device but still in a PC it gives a good eye candy for the user.

Without any more delay let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks that I have noted down since I have started using windows 8.

1.  Getting Used To Hot Corners

After installing windows 8 you will notice in desktop mode that start menu is no longer present but there are hot corners that present you with similar function of a start menu. Some of the hot corners are:

  • Lower left corner + left click to go to Metro UI
  • Lower left corner + right click opens power user shortcut that is device manager, control panel, command prompt, power options etc.
  • Upper left corner will show you the open window thumbnails which you can click to switch between them.
  • Upper screen limit + Click and drag the desktop to drag the metro to one side of the screen
  • Lower right corner for windows 8 charm which is similar to windows aero peak
  • Upper right corner will show you windows 8 charm menu.

2.  Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts:

Windows 8 uses a variety of hot keys to make navigation very easy. Here are some of the hot keys that I have discovered:

  • Windows key will show you metro UI
  • Win + keyword will launch an application similar in windows 7
  • Win + Q will show you all the installed applications
  • Win + W instant search for settings
  • Win + F for instant search of files
  • Win + I for accessing the sidebar settings
  • Win + P will show you settings for multiple monitor
  • Win + X power user shortcut which will show you Device Manager, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Power Options, etc.
  • Win + Z will show you app bar in metro applications
  • Win + .(period) will put the metro app to right side of the screen
  • Win + .(period) + Shift will put the metro app to left side of screen
  • Win + J you can switch between snapped metro apps.
  • Win + page up or page down will shift metro app to adjacent monitor
  • Win + Tab will help you to switch between open applications

There you have some of the tips and tricks that I have discovered in the course of using windows 8 consumer preview. Hopefully they will be of help to you and if you come across any other tricks or tips about windows 8 do let us know.

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