Transferring Apps & Files between Android Phones Using Wi-Fi

Chances are pretty good that if you and your friends happen to own Android phones, transferring of files and other data between them would be an everyday affair. By files, the reference is to all types of photos, videos and music. These are among the most commonly shared items between phones world over. While Bluetooth does the job well when a small sized single file or multiple files with smaller sizes are involved, it falls short miserably when the data to be transferred is large in size (running well into 10s or 100s of MBs). You could be stuck forever trying to transfer that amount of data over Bluetooth.


TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer is the perfect solution to the above conundrum. Yes, you can still exchange files wirelessly but instead of using the conventional Bluetooth technology, this app uses your Android phone’s Wi-Fi capability.



There are a few file explorer apps that allow sharing of files using Wi-Fi but only in the presence of an intermediary like a computer. However, TapPouch simply chooses to send the files over Wi-Fi from one Android phone to another directly. No middleware is needed in the entire process.

Using TapPouch

download tappouch app

TapPouch Wi-Fi File Transfer can be downloaded and installed from Google Play for free. Note that the app needs to be installed on both devices being used for transferring files. Also note that this app will only work on Android phones running 2.2 or greater versions of Google’s operating system. Lastly, you also need to ensure both Android phones are on the same Wi-Fi network.

The next step involves launching TapPouch on both the phones. By default, the app starts in the ‘Share’ mode, which is obvious since that is the main feature of the app. In order to begin the sharing of files between the two phones, tap the button named ‘Share Files/Folders’. This should be done only on the device from where the sharing originates. After this, select all the different files, apps or media that you want to send to another Android phone. Once done with the selection, tap on the ‘Share’ button to start the file transfer. As soon as the transfer starts, tap on the ‘Get Files/Folders’ button on the Android phone at the receiving end.

Now the phone that sends the data will come up with a unique PIN stretching to 6 digits. This same PIN has to be entered at the receiving end on the second phone. This is done for authentication purpose. After successful authentication, the transfer process begins and all the files are saved into the second phone’s memory card. All the shared files can be viewed through this path on TapPouch,

Manage Mode -> ViewPouch

Transfer of entire folder is also possible using this app.

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