Top 5 Smart Apps For Making Your Smartphone Smarter

What was once a luxury has become a necessity today. Yes, I am talking about that device in your pocket without which you cannot move even one inch – the smartphone. Today’s smartphones have become as smart as we can imagine them to be. But with the rising number of apps to make your smartphone more useful in the real world, don’t you think that it is high time that you find some basic yet highly useful apps that can be of convenience in your daily life rather than the occasional show-off object?

Here’s a list of the apps that I have found to be most useful for daily use considering that if we do carry something in our pockets everyday whether we are going to office or to friend’s birthday party, it is our smartphone. Go on, check out the list and see whether they can be useful to you in your day-to-day life:


Do you drive around a lot just to find the cheapest gas rates to save that extra buck? Well, here’s an app that vows to put an end to your misery. GasBuddy shows you the nearest gas stations around you and also where you might get the cheapest gas prices. There’s a community of users who update the data for the app and you can earn reward points every time you report the lowest gas price in your area.


The mint has been named the best personal mobile finance tool by the LifeHacker. This app lets you keep track of your bank balance. Now, you don’t need to get home every time you want to check the amount remaining in your account. No more guessing while going into buy that beautiful necklace for your fiancé. Mint lets you take complete control of your own mint.


Anybody who has used the internet knows about this legendary app which lets you make free video calls around the globe absolutely free of cost. Its a great companion to your smartphone especially if you have family or clients or colleagues overseas with whom you have to correspond regularly. However, the current version of this app isn’t up to previous levels but there’s no denying that Skype is a fabulous app for your mobile device.

KiK Messenger

How many times have you decided not to text your cousin living overseas just because of the ridiculously high international SMS charges? Well, here’s the solution to that problem: the KiK Messenger lets you send free SMS anywhere in the world absolutely free of charge. Get this app, never again worry about having to spend any extra money for texting anyone anywhere.


Ever lost that special coupon that could have got you an extra discount on your shopping bill. No Worries, GeoqPons will let you find and use your coupons via your smartphone. The app had got a 4.5 star rating and also includes local stores. This app too has rewarding policy that will allow you to earn $10 Amazon Gift card, every time you recruit a local store to advertise on their site.

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