Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives

Although Dropbox is considered as the best syncing website and cloud based storage, many people still look for alternative since Dropbox offers their services limited-ly for basic users and with this, they are urged to go for the premium services. In this case, below are the Best and Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives.

Dmailer Backup

Dmailer is a free online hosting solution in which, allows you to freely store up 10 2GB or memory. If you are not going to alter any of its settings, it will automatically back up the files located on your Desktop, My Music, My pictures, and many more. This is a huge help if in case you got your corrupted files in your computer.


This is another great alternative for Dropbox. This backs up your files automatically to its cloud based storage. Also, it allows collaboration through the internet making this an advisable add-on for businesses and other professionals. However, this does not allow remote-access feature unlike the other choices. It also uses a lot of memory in downloading or uploading files, which is a lot slower that what Dropbox could do.


Wuala is a Linux friendly Dropbox alternative. It can store, save, and download files with security and privacy. Also, it has a full email and chat support for its users. Because of its growing business, there are also a growing number of users who rely to its provided services. It can share 1GB of free storage.


This is a great Dropbox alternative for those who are having the difficulties in settling up an open source of service. This works similarly with Dropbox since it also assigns a particular local folder in which all the files it can scan on your computer will be automatically synced it. With this, you are required to have your own service that is why monthly fees are not imposed to its users.

Live Mesh

Many say that Live Mesh is a lot better than Dropbox. Why? It is because Live Mesh provides free 5GB of memory while Dropbox online provides free 2GB memory. Also, you will be rest assured that it will be always unstable sine it is developed by the ever popular Microsoft. You can have remote access one you are a Microsoft user. It can also work on Windows, Mac, and on your mobile phone.


If you are looking for an alternative which works almost similarly with Dropbox, then you should use SugarSync. Just like Dropbox, it also provides free 2GB of memory storage. It can automatically back up your whole system and work on them even on a different computer. You can also access the program on most brands of smart phones.


LiveDrive is another promising Dropbox alternative in which it allows you to have instant online file storage. Under the LiveDrive, there are 2 options of subscriptions which are the LiveDrive Backup and LiveDrive Briefcase. With the LiveDrive Backup, it provides unlimited storage of files but with LiveDrive Briefcase, it can also provide unlimited file storage but with added remote and synchronization features.


There are a lot of online bloggers which consider Tonido even far better than what Dropbox could do. It is because Tonido is not limited to be just online file storage or back up, but it also provides useful features to make streaming of videos and viewing of photos more convenient. You can also assign a remote drive on your local drive through LAN and internet connection.


This is an online file storage which has similar features just like with Dropbox. It also provides free 2GB of memory storage. It allows you to sync on multiple computers and access the files even on a different system. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.


The last but not the least would be Box. It is a simple online file storage which also limited memory storage for free users. You can share the files to be downloaded through unique links as this is their way of protecting the security of files. You can share content and allow other allowed users to comment on it thus, it is called online collaboration.

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