Top 10 Best Android Apps for Teachers

Even teachers now use the ability of Android phones to make their tasks easier. Well, Android can offer more Android apps which can be helpful for educators thus, teaching can be easier for them. The Android apps on this list are considered as the best and most useful for the teachers. Here are the top 10 and best android apps for Teachers:


This is an Android app which can help a teacher to record all the assignments or even the information which can be gained through mobile online. This is considered as the task manager for Android phones. The user can capture photos, take down notes, and even record a video or audio file.


DropBox is a known utility which can conveniently keeps files and folders through cloud storage. By having DropBox app on your Android phone, you can easily share and store documents with huge files. Some teachers have already used this as their main platform in dissemination of docs and files for projects.

Color Note

This provides an instant sticky note on your Android phone. This allows you to post reminders on colorful notepads and assign a time and date which it should alarm you. It has sticky note, calendar, and “To Do List” options.


This is an application which allows a user to have a closed environment to communicate with other permitted people. This is a perfect app for an educator as this can promote a digital classroom between the teacher and the students. This is a free to download Android app.


This is an Android app which can help you to be updated on the latest happenings around you. It is integrated with several of the most trusted news providers. As a teacher, you should never be left behind when it comes to news. That can help you update your teaching plans for the next coming days.

Google Maps

Well, you might say that Google Maps is not a helpful Android app for teachers. Actually, it is! You can use this as added information if you are teaching about geographical locations. Google Maps have the most updated and detailed information regarding several places and spots on earth.

Sync Space

This is a fun Android app which allows you to write on a white space. If you arte tired of writing your lecture on the black or white board, have a change by using the Sync Space instead. This may also urge your students to listen to you further since you are using an advanced way of teaching.


Visual aids have been always noted as the most effective way of teaching. Through colorful pictures, the students and engaged to listen to every information you utter. With the help of Skitch, you can add arrows and annotations to solidify the information you share to them.


This is an Android app which allows you to record an audio file. It can be your voice or anything which you can hear around you. Then, Audioboo can conveniently share it to other Android users.


This is a very informational app. This includes several important subject matters such as History and Mathematics. This is indeed a great add on to your Android apps. Even you as a teacher will be educated further on this.

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