Top 10 Best Android Apps for Students

Android never stops providing possibilities to its users. Since Android is very popular nowadays, a lot of its application developers started to produce Android apps which will be very useful. Well, students are the ones who likely have their Android phones even at school. For students, here is a list of Top 10 Best Android apps for Students which can be helpful.

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Merriam Webster Dictionary

Who will not know this popular brand of dictionary? Well, this is offered for free on the Android app store. This will help you to instantly browse on a difficult terminology and access its meaning right away. This is a huge help who are trying to deal with deep English words. Having this Android app is indeed better in bringing a heavy hard bound Merriam Webster Dictionary.

Math Formulary

This is really helpful for students who have poor memory skills when it comes to Mathematical formulas. Keep in mind that this Android app should NEVER be used for cheating. The package can offer hundreds of formulas coming from different Mathematical subject matters such as algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, etc.


This is an app which is an adapted version of Wikipedia for Android phones. We all know that Wikipedia is one of the top students’ resources in completing assignments and even on reviews. With this app, you can access the simplified Wikipedia website with added live search capabilities.

Grades: Student Organizer

This is a helpful tool for a student to keep track of his grades. It has a specialized tabulation of information wherein a student will surely get his grade. Examinations, quizzes, homework, and even assignments’ sores are effectively monitored with this app. There is also an assigned space for the contact information of your instructors or teachers.

Wolfram Alpha

This is a useful app dedicated to provide you useful information regarding several subjects such as science, math, English, history and many more. Actually, Wolfram Alpha is originally created for iPhone only but now, it successfully offered its Android version.

My Student Budget Planner

This is an app which will help a student plan on his gained allowances every day, every week, monthly, and even yearly. This will help him to keep track on his manner of spending and see if he is also able to save money. This app can help and teach a student to be financially responsible.


If you are not into taking down notes using a pen and paper, why not use your Android phone instead? EverNote is a helpful app in recording text, audio, and video notes instantly. This can also be used as a task manager and a planner which helps a student to be more organized in dealing with daily school tasks.

Grammar Guide

Obviously, Grammar Guide is created to help a student or even a professional check his grammar. Well, it is really essential for a student to look on his grammar especially when he is trying to submit a high end school report. This can also educate the Android user in dealing with grammar in the future.


Document Scanner

What if you have to be absent for a particular day and missed to copy a long lecture? Well, Document Scanner can help you with this. You can forget to deal of hurrying just to copy the notes with a pen and paper. With this app, just scan it and in a few seconds, you have a clear copy. Just transfer it to your notebook once got home.

Kaka Flashcards

If your teacher asked you to have a class presentation, bringing bulky 3×5 flashcards is not handy. Just have this application instead as it can provide you wide array of choices of flashcard templates. You will surely have an A+ grade when you use this as this can show your resourcefulness amidst of the current generation.

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