Top 10 Best Android Apps for Stock Market Investors

Being an Android user enables you to be very flexible on professional and casual tasks. Since there are a growing number of professionals who have chosen Android as their mobile app provider and OS, a lot of application developers offered some of the best Android apps for stock market investors. The list below contains official Android apps offered by Google Play.

Stock Market by Alicerce

This Android app claims that it can provide the most flexible way of selling and buying stocks. It can also provide free demonstration to a newbie stock marketer and eventually turn him into a professional one. Keep in mind that this is just a game. Consider this Android app as your training ground in getting into the real world of stock market. It has a bearable price of 0.99 dollar.

Stock Market by Kevin C

This is a conventional Android app which can guide a stock marketer in having smart sells and buys of stocks. It can provide the latest financial news, stock market tips, videos coming from known stock marketers, strategies in succeeding on this career, and even shopping.

Stock Market by 19 Studio

This is a helpful, useful, and free Android app which allows you to have the latest updates regarding the stock market. This can help you land on smart decision in selling and buying stocks. It can also give you some tips and strategies which newbie and professional stock marketers will always need.

Market Maker Stock Market Game

This is a game which involves stock market. This is a card game turned into an Android app. This is a fast paced card game which urges you to invest on the stock market, grow you stock shares and even lose some of it. With its latest update, it has an increased definition for its graphics.

Stock Market Courses

This is considered as an Android app which can teach a particular user on how to be into the stock market. It can provide basic and advanced tips and strategies with regards to stock market. It also allows you to trade online conveniently. This is the highest rated stock market app for Android.

Stock Market Trading

Stock Market Trading is another commendable stock market app which can provide you effective tutorials on this business. This is a free app which can provide you the complete package when it comes to desire in being familiar with the confusing world of stock market trading.

Market’s Up Stock Notification

This app will give you information about the latest trends in the stock market. It also allows you to monitor on how the stock market moves on a specific day thus, it can guide you if you will earn or lose money in trading for that day. It supports Dow Jones which is the top provider of stock market trends.

Stock Market Grid Widget

This free Android app will help you to have your convenient financial portfolio in a phone. This supports the Google Finance portfolio widget which allows you to see your first provided 15 quotes. If you are based on other countries, it is all right as it supports international stock market.


Stock Market Index 101

Since this is an Android app, it urges you to sync with Google Finance and put up a unique portfolio. You can have the most updated stock details and charts. Be on the go with its provided latest stock market news coming from reputable financial news providers. This supports the stock markets in US, UK, HK, Japan, Canada, and many more.

Stock Market Free Calls

This provides the tips in stock market trading. You can get the most helpful strategies to always earn on stock trading. This allows commodity calls information and you can even share your own tips to other users online.

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  1. Rajesh Narang says:

    One more stock market app which is worth checking out is the My Stock Genie. While most apps will only tell you what the current market position is, My Stock Genie will help you understand whether you should invest in stocks or not based on fundamental analysis. Definitely one of the best stock market app around for Android mobiles.

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