Top 10 Best Android Apps for Moms

Moms always have the task of being organized not just to themselves but also for the family. With the help of Android apps along with its dedicated apps, being a mom 24/7 will be easier. The Android apps below are rated by the bloggers as 10 of the best Android apps for moms. If you are a mom, then you should have them.

Out of Milk

This is an extraordinary Android app which is dedicated in reminding a mom regarding the shopping list. Well, the shopping list is an essential tool for a mom to buy all the important goods she should buy. You can just scan a product and it will automatically be added on your list. It can also help you to be updated on the needed products on your pantry as you can allow it to do since function is also a great feature of this Android app.

ShopSavvy’s Rankings

This is an awesome Android app which can help you know and locate a particular seller of an item. You just have to scan on the barcode of the item and it will automatically generate the list of stores selling it and the sellers which can offer discounts for it. It garners data from its own database.


Actually, this is a pretty interesting app in which you can pass a list of groceries to your husband who is also an Android user. Also, you can use it to assist you in remembering the recipe for a particular food. You can have this for FREE which is an advantage.


This is a well-rated Android app. This is obviously an organizer dedicated to Android users. Actually, this is really a typical Android app which can help you list down the tasks for the upcoming days and make sure that you will be alarmed once you needed to accomplish them. Also, the interface is very female-ish, with pink, white, and lavender ambience.

Mom 2 Be

If you are just in the process of being a mom or in short, at the stage of pregnancy, then the Mom 2 Be app is perfect for you. It can help you to keep track on your development as a pregnant woman thus, making you ready in getting birth of a healthy baby.

Name Culture

Name Culture is another interesting Android app for those who wanted to give a meaningful name for the upcoming baby. This can allow you to type in your desired name for your baby and it will automatically tell you its meaning. It has daily updates and as of now, it carries more than 5,000 names of boys and girls in its database.

White Noise Lite

This is said to be a helpful app for your baby. Babies are known to be always entertained with the new sounds which they can hear. Also, it can stop them from crying as they will be curious on it. With White Noise Lite, it has several interesting sounds. Just place it near to your baby and play it. It can also help your baby to fall fast asleep.


This is another app which can lessen the effort of a mom in teaching a toddler regarding shapes. This is a free Android app which can teach a kid about the different recognizable shapes. Actually, it already gained respect as more and more of its users claimed that their child learned all the shapes in less than 10 minutes. Well, this is a great start to make your toddler a smarter one.

Doodle Kids

If you are too busy with the house chores and taking care of your child can be a burden, then just hand him your Android phone and allow him to play Doodle Kids. This app will let the child draw colorful things using his finger. This will help the toddler enhance his creativity and also, help you to finish your house task efficiently.

My Days

This is a helpful app for women who wanted to track down her menstrual cycle and the next fertile day. This can also help you control pregnancy as you can schedule your intercourse to avoid being pregnant or to be pregnant.

Hope our shortlisted list of Top 10 Android Apps for Moms will surely help. If it does, leave a comment or show some love by sharing the article in your social networks.


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