Top 10 Android Apps for Lovers

Since Android developers managed to create this OS for everyone, it also welcomed application developers to promote their products which may involve casual reasons such as for people who are in love or those who are in the relationship.

In this article, the list below will involve Android applications for people who are in love. Well, these applications are great add-ons for your well-loved Android phone.


    1. Relationship

      relationship android app

      This is a simple Android application which includes wallpapers perfect for an in love person. You just have to browse on the “Menu” and choose the “Wallpapers” section. You will now go to the “Live Wallpapers” choice and since you are in love, hover on “Relationship Wallpapers”.

    2. Relationship Secrets

      relationship secrets android app

      This is a helpful app for Android developed by Marvin C. Sadovsky, PhD. This involves presentations about having a successful relationship. You can consider this as a guide so that if ever you are in a relationship or just in a path of getting there, you will have an instant guide regarding different possible burdens along with its solutions.

    3. Relationship Advice

      Relationship Advice android app

      This app can offer different pieces of advice if in case you are having troubles with your relationship. According to some of its users, it contains most of the “most honest” pieces of advice making it an effective guide while dating or having a serious relationship with someone. Generally, this is a must-have application for those who are having dates with someone.

    4. Relationship Quotes

      Relationship Quotes android app

      This is an Android application which involves quotes regarding being in a relationship. You will be enlightened with these quotes especially when you are amidst of confusions. Studies say that people who are in love can be very vulnerable to quotes and may always attach themselves into it. Be inspired with the updates list of relationship quotes using this free Android app.

    5. A Surreptitious Relationship

      A Surreptitious Relationship android app

      This is an Android app which is not necessarily a typical app but like a novel which can be read on Android. The story is about 2 people who decided to keep their relationship from the school faculty and some of their classmates. It has daily updates on the story and indeed, the story plot is pretty interesting. The story is authored by Jordan Lynde.

    6. Relationship Status

      Relationship Status android app

      We are all aware that Facebook posts the current relationship status of particular user. Typically, you will need to visit that profile page of a particular user to get access to his relationship status information. With the help of the Relationship Status app for Facebook, the relationship statuses are grouped into Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, Married, and It’s Complicated.

    7. Relationship Tests

      Relationship Tests android app

      This is a fun Android app which allows you to test or grade your current compatibility with your partner. This also enables you to check if you are really happy with your relationship. You can also take the relationship quiz wherein you may find out if your partner is loyal or cheating on you. This is a complete package for those who are in love.

    8. SOS Relationship

      SOS Relationship android app

      In a relationship, having a strong memory on the facts which involves your relationship is important. Actually, most of the break ups are caused by forgetting some of the things within the relationship. This Android app can help you thus making your relationship stronger every day.

    9. Relationship Lovers Counter

      Relationship Lovers Counter android app

      This is a fun Android app which can help you calculate how long you’ve been together with your partner. It helps you to count the number of days, months, and weeks before your next anniversary. It is also aware of some of the tags for a specific number of years being together.

    10. Love SMS Pro

      Love SMS Pro android app

      This is an app which allows you to have a prepared colored SMS to your partner. Most of the SMS contain sweet quotes which will surely capture the heart of your partner further. This is a great way to show affection amidst of having distance from your partner.

Hope this small list of Top and Best Android Applications for lovers proves useful to you. Kindly share if you have some personal favorite Android App for Lovers or for those in Relationship.

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