Top 10 Android Apps for Girls

As of now, more and more smart phone users prefer to use Android phones. Why? It is because most of them are more comfortable utilizing a lot of their offered applications rather than any other available OS.

And with this, one of the niches which their app store can offer is the applications for girls. Well, we can say that a lot of girls will surely enjoy using an Android phone after encountering some of the apps included on this list.

  1. Stylish Girl – Fashion Closet

    Stylish Girl – Fashion Closet Android App

    This is an Android app which is perfect for the girls who are fond of doing online shopping. This is obviously an app which can help a particular user to easily browse on some of the popular websites dedicated for online shopping for dresses, accessories, and other sorts of products for girls. Also, you don’t have to buy the product just to try it for fitting. This app can offer a virtual closet in which you can try it virtually.

  2. Pink Pad

    Pink Pad Android App

    This is an app for girls to track down their monthly period. Well, this I really helpful for girls who are fond of going out and monitoring their monthly period can lessen the chances of being uncomfortable while on travel. Although it is really impossible to pinpoint the direct date of a monthly period, this has a pretty accurate prediction.

  3. Dress Up Prom Night – Game

    Dress Up Prom Night – Android Game App

    This is a fun game for girls. This Android game app enables a user to dress up a virtual character that is set to be on a prom date. This is a typical dress up game that users may encounter on computers but, you will find the choices of dresses, accessories, and make up very interesting. This is perfect for girls who are fond of dressing up themselves and anted to shift that hobby to an interesting game.

  4. Seesmic

    Seesmic Android App

    Seesmic is also a great add-on to your Android phone. It can help you to conveniently manage all your social networking site accounts using a single Android app. It supports some of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Yfrog, Twitpic, Instagram, and many more.

  5. My Days

    my days android app

    This is another helpful Android app for girls. This works quote similar with the Pink Pad but, this has some limited functions. However, with the help of the My Days app, you will be able to save the latest emails of your doctors and use it for future preferences. It can also offer the fertility and ovulation tracker perfect for those who wanted and those who do not want to be pregnant.

  6. Supermarket Mania

    Supermarket Mania android app

    This is a perfect app for those who wanted to kill the boredom. This can effectively use your skills in running stores. This is a game which is all about making it sure that all the supermarkets you own will run smoothly. The lead character is Nikki and that is your virtual character as well. There are several types of customers which your virtual character should try to deal with.

  7. Fashion Story

    Fashion Story Android App

    This is also a game which involves your taste in fashion. In this game, your task is to make sure that your boutique will remain attractive so more customers will visit your shop and buy goods. As you sell goods, your level also increases making the game more difficult and challenging. This is really a highly addictive Android game for girls.

  8. Stand O’ Food

    Stand O' Food Android App

    This is considered as a cooking Android game. Here, you will run a virtual restaurant and try to feed all the hungry clients. You will need to use some of your own strategies to make the service faster and serve clients efficiently before the time runs out.

  9. Top Girl

    top girl android app

    This is an Android app in which you can allow yourself to enjoy even just playing a virtual character. Here, you can roam around the world and meet new friends. You can also wear extravagant clothes and try to attract boys to find a new relationship. This is simply a simple Android game app dedicated to girls.

  10. All Recipes

    All Recipes android app

    This is an Android app which can offer you some of the most searched recipes online. You can conveniently seek for its help and cook right away. As of now, there are more than 4,000 recipes which you can access every day.

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