Tips & Tricks for Siri in iOS 6

Ever since Siri debuted, it has been the most talked about feature when Apple releases a new version of iOS. The voice based assistant has become better with every iteration and has almost no match today, when it comes to worthy competition. While there are countless ways in which you can use this voice assistant, the ones articulated below are truly unique.


Use Siri’s Audio Output

You can feed commands into Siri using different sources like your car’s inbuilt speakerphone or even a Bluetooth device that comes equipped with speakers and microphone. To get Siri working this way, you need to press and then hold the home button of your iPhone. This will lead to the appearance of a speaker icon on the right side of the Siri button.


Tapping this option throws up a menu that lists all the audio inputs that can be used by your iPhone. Choose the one that you prefer and Siri listens to commands from the same through the microphone. With the presence of speakers, Siri will respond through them as well.

Correcting Siri

Siri, for all its innovations and brilliance can still be prone to lapses whereby it completely misunderstands your commands. It could be something as simple as mixing up the name of the contact you wanted Siri to call. However, there is a way for you to fix such anomalies.


Once Siri responds about not understanding a command, simply scroll up to locate a speech bubble that records all of Siri’s interpretations of your commands. Now tap this bubble. Doing this allows you to edit what the voice assistant heard you say. Edit the needful and submit your request again.

If you are not really inclined to type all the corrections yourself, simply use the dictation feature built within iOS to enter the correct text. This can be done by tapping the microphone that appears on the keyboard followed by speaking aloud your text. Use to Siri to correct Siri, surely not even Apple saw that one coming!

Siri, IMDB & Movie Reviews

Most iOS users are aware that Siri can be used to find out about movie listings at nearby theatres. However, how many are actually aware that the voice assistant is also quite proficient in movie trivia. You can ask Siri any question related to movies and it comes up with an answer almost immediately. For example, ‘What movie stars both Marlon Brando and Al Pacino?’ Siri will duly reply with the answer, ‘The Godfather’!


Apart from listings of new movies released at a theatre near you, Siri can also help you find reviews of the latest movie offerings. You can do this by asking Siri ‘Is ‘name of the movie’ worth watching?’ Siri will reply back with reviews sourced from popular review aggregating site ‘Rotten Tomatoes’.

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