Tips To Enhance the Battery Life of Your Smartphones

Mobile phones have had a great impact on the life of the individuals and now they are not simply used as a tool to communicate with others living at distant places but provide several other outstanding features. With the introduction of android phones and smartphones, the work of employees and business executives have become easier to a great extent as they can now view their mails and other important messages anytime and anywhere. Though the introduction of this new technology has enhanced the efficiency of the individuals at their work place and provided an effective source for entertainment, smartphone users sometime face severe issues due to small battery life.


Problems with Smartphones

The battery life of these cell phones really sucks. It is due to the fact that most of the users use it for hours for listening to music, browsing the internet and for several other works. There are several other problems also which are faced by the users like dropped calls, low downloading speed, spam text and much more. In this article we are going to provide you some effective tips using which you can enhance the battery life and efficiency of your smartphone.

Some Effective Tips

  • When you purchase a cell phone, it comes with some battery life. Make sure, you use the battery power before charging it.
  • Make sure, you charge the battery only after it is completely consumed or is about to die. Frequent charges might damage the power holding capacity of the battery.
  • Avoid using the vibration mode on your cell phone as it extracts more battery power emptying it at a faster rate. If you are in a meeting you can use meeting mode and can put it on ringtone mode generally.
  • Make sure, you turn off the Wi-Fi feature after using it. Most of the individuals forget to turn it off and the battery gets juiced up in a small time.
  • You can lower the brightness of the display screen when running out of battery. More brightness consumes more power and leaves you with no battery power.
  • Check out the apps installed in your device. There are various apps that keep running in the background juicing up the battery life. It is necessary to close these apps. If there are some apps which are used by you rarely, you can uninstall them in order to use your cell phone for long hours.
  • Carrying an external battery pack can also be useful while on a journey. The USB charger in this pack allows the users to charge their cell phone with ease whenever the cell phone goes out of battery.


Extreme heat and moisture can harm the battery. Hence it is necessary that you store your smartphone in a dry and cool place.

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