Tips To Discover Unknown Shortcuts In Windows

To speed up your navigation around windows you need to master the use of keyboard because at the touch of combination of buttons you can easily launch or close applications and moreover your response time to various things in windows also increases as compared to using mouse for navigations.

In this article you will be introduced to some of the unknown windows shortcuts that will really help you to become lightning fast at controlling your windows.

Unknown shortcut Keys Windows

Global Shortcuts for use in Windows

1.  Win + 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

This shortcut is useful when you want to launch any programs that are pinned to your taskbar. So it’s useful to have your important programs on the taskbar in order so that it becomes easier for you to launch your program. This trick is useful in Windows 7

2.  Win + Alt + 1, 2, 3 etc.

This shortcut is useful for opening the jump list of each program in the taskbar which will help you to open any program in the list. Once you open the jump list you can use the arrows to navigate up and down to select any list you want.

3.  Win + T:

This shortcut will allow you to cycle through any open taskbar program without the need to hover it with your mouse pointer icon. This is a much quicker way to find out what is running in each of your open windows or program without the need of relying to your mouse every time.

4.  Win + home:

This will enable you to minimize all windows except the current open window.

5.  Win + Up/Down:

This is one of the most useful shortcut which will help you to maximize or minimize the window that is open. This will only work as long as the open windows has the option to maximize or minimize.

6.  Win + Pause/Break:

Want to have a quick look at your system properties then you simply need to use this shortcut instead of the long way around with the mouse.

7.  Ctrl + shift + Esc:

This one is useful in windows 7 as it will allow you to open the task manager instead of the usual ctrl + alt + delete.

Shortcuts for Windows Explorer:

These shortcuts will also work in other programs and not only for windows explorer.

1.  Alt + UP:

This shortcut will allow you to navigate one folder up also the backspace can be used for this function.

2.  Shift + F10:

This is a very handy shortcut which opens the contextual menu which is the function of right click. This option is very useful in MS WORD as it will allow you to quickly search for the correct word.

3.  Shift + Del:

This will allow a file to be deleted quickly and permanently without sending it to recycle bin. So be sure before you use this shortcut to delete something.

4.  Alt + Enter:

This allows you to open the properties of the of the file or folder and enable you to change or edit settings.

5.  F2 this shortcut can be used for renaming files.

6.  F3 will enable you to open the explorer and allow you to use the search bar.

7.  F6 will allow you to cycle through different object in the current open window. It also works in other programs and in explorer it can be used to cycling through various locations.

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