Tips On How To Use CCleaner

CCleaner is the most powerful and a famous PC cleaning tool that is available till date. It just doesn’t involve the click of one button and your PC maintenance is done. But there are varieties of options that are available that you can use for through maintenance of your PC or laptop.


So we have prepared a guide for you where we have outlined some of the best tips on how to use ccleaner effectively in cleaning or maintaining your PC. So read on to find out more about the tips.

1. Consider What You Want To Delete

By default ccleaner cleans a lot of files which includes clearing your browser cache and also windows thumbnail cache.

  • You might want to reconsider about clearing your browser cache. The browser cache helps in speeding up your browsing by storing all the websites information in your Hard disk and only downloading the updates. By clearing the cache the websites have to be downloaded again which takes time. You can clear the cache if you have privacy concerns.
  • Erasing the thumbnail cache can also slow down browsing in windows especially if you are viewing a photo album. Every time you clear the cache new thumbnail cache has to be created. Although it frees up space but it also increases time for opening the folder.

2. Whitelist Important Cookies

Ccleaner clears the cookies by default but you can consider keeping the cookies of your favorite websites or the websites that you visit frequently. To whitelist cookies:

  • Open the cookies pane in the options menu of ccleaner
  • Then select the cookies you want to whitelist and click on the arrow that points towards the box cookies to keep
  • If you right click on a cookie and select intelligent scan ccleaner will automatically add the famous and popular websites to whitelist.

3. Registry Cleaner

The registry cleaner shouldn’t be run unless it’s absolutely important. Yes its true you can remove many unnecessary registry items but sometimes accidentally you end up removing a registry entry that might end up making your programs unusable.

If you still do want to run registry cleaner Ccleaner is a safe bet cause it will allow you to back up your current registry and if something does goes wrong you can easily restore it.

4. Managing Startup Programs

If you want to increase booting time to windows then you can use the startup panel from the tools menu to disable the programs that start the moment you login to windows. Just disable the programs do not delete them so that you can enable them again if you need those programs.

5. Securely Delete Files

You can use the drive cleaner tool in CCleaner to securely delete files. This process is slower than the normal file deleting. So use this option if you are concerned about privacy and security.

6. Manage Installed Programs

The uninstall utility in CCleaner is really handy because it provides you with much more option than it is available in the uninstall program in control panel of windows. With this utility you can rename or delete the entries and changes will show up in the control panel uninstall program.

So there you have some of the tips that will help you in using CCleaner much more efficiently. Do let us know if you come across some other tips that will make using CCleaner easy.

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