Tips For Enabling Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a latest communication method developed which allows two devices to pair together over Wi-Fi without routers or any other such device.

This new technology offers very high data transfer rate which is even faster than Bluetooth. Unlike Bluetooth Wi-Fi direct also has greater range of about 30 feet and also uses less power because file transfer is so fast that you won’t have to keep your Wi-Fion for more than a couple of minutes.

Wi-Fi Direct

Just to give an example of how fast file transfer is let’s take part in this scenario you want to transfer a song which is about 7mb in size to your friend. Via Bluetooth the transfer will take 2 min minimum but via Wi-Fi Direct the moment you tap transfer the file is sent to your friends mobile it’s that fast. You can share movies of up to 700mb between mobiles within minutes. The transfer rates of Wi-Fi direct are 700mb/sec.

This Wi-Fi direct is available in SAMSUNG GALAXY S and SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 since they are certified with this technology. Many proud owners of Samsung Galaxy S will say that they can’t find any ways to enable it or even if it’s present in the device. Let me tell you this that Wi-Fi direct is indeed present but you need an app to take advantage of this feature.

The app that you need is called IP MESSENGER which is free app and is available in android market.

Below is an instruction on how to download and use the app to enable Wi-Fi direct as follows:

1. Search for IP messenger in android market. Tell your friend to download it as well and make sure he also has an Wi-Fi direct certified device such as Samsung galaxy s, Samsung galaxy s2 or galaxy nexus.

2. After installation is complete open the app and make sure your Wi-Fi and your friends Wi-Fi is enabled.

3. In the main page of the IP messenger the device will be listed if it is detected by the app.

4. Click on the device name, it will take you into another page that will enable you to chat with your friend as well as select a file to send to another device.

5. Select file and send and in the blink of an eye the file is transferred.

Moreover Wi-Fi Direct can also be used for multiplayer gaming between Wi-Fi Direct certified devices. Its easy all you need to do is pair the devices through your Wi-Fi and click on a multiplayer game of your choice and off you go. Wi-Fi Direct can also be used to stream photos and music wireless.

The devices that are being released this year by Google are certified Wi-Fi direct devices meaning they support Wi-Fi pairing between devices without the need of any routers or such. Wi-Fi Direct will be the norm for file transfers very soon as it provides greater range and less power usage. Only few devices support it now but mobile manufacturers are catching up and soon majority of devices that will be launched will be Wi-Fi Direct certified.

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