Tips On Solving Errors With Temporary Internet Files

Whenever we are browsing the internet and looking at web sites or streaming any video live whether it’s on YouTube or any other video streaming site those files are being saved on our hard disk as temporary internet files. Even all texts, images and other website contents get stored. Sometimes while browsing we are presented with the error message “parameter is incorrect” because temporary files weren’t able to be created.

Usually the files are stored in a folder called temporary internet files. Following is the default path to the folder:

User Account/Local/Microsoft/Windows/Temporary Internet Files

Temporary Internet Files Error

User account is the name of the account by which you’re logged on to the windows. The main purpose of the temporary internet files is to speed up page loading times when you’re visiting the same site again. The page loading speeds up because the contents of the web page are already stored on your hard disk so they are loaded first.

If the webpage was updated since your last visit then the updated contents are downloaded first then the contents which are same are loaded so this entire process speeds up page loading considerably.  These files are also useful when you want to open the web page in offline mode. Now every browser is allowed a cache size which means the amount of storage which is allocated for the storage of internet files. If that size is reached the folder is cleared out.

The error “parameter is incorrect” may show up during browsing due to one of the following reason:

  • The webpage you’re visiting is encoded in a language which is not installed on your computer.
  • Your computer uses a language which is incompatible with the standard language of the net.
  • Your computer fails to recognize objects in the website.
  • Temporary internet file folder is deleted or changed.
  • New directory for temporary internet files isn’t defined.
  • Cache allocated for the storage of temporary internet files is filled up and is not cleared automatically so in such cases new files cannot be stored.

Procedure For Fixing The Error Message:

1. Clean Out The Temporary Internet Files Folder.

You can use various disk cleaning utilities which come with the option to clean temporary internet files. But there is a simple and easy way also.

If you’re an Internet explorer user then you can do the following:

  • Click on the gear like icon.
  • Under general tabs locate browsing history.
  • Click on delete files. It will clear your temporary internet folder

If your Mozilla Firefox user you can set the Firefox to clean your temporary internet folder automatically every time you close the browser. To set it up:

  • Go to options
  • Then to privacy tab and select use custom settings from drop down menu beside Firefox will.

Check mark clear history when Firefox closes and in the further settings you can select what action Firefox should perform when closing

 2.  Increase Cache Size:

Normally the cache allocated to temporary internet file is just 50MB you can increase to 1024Mb or more to allow more storage of temporary files.

 3.  Language Packs:

Sometimes the error message pops up when accessing one particular message. This may be due to language incompatibility between website and you system. To solve it you can download language packs.

 If you do encounter the error message and if you follow this guide then you can prevent future error message and disrupting your web browsing your streaming experience. 

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