Tim Cook Apologizes And Suggests Third-Party Alternatives To Maps Apps

Tim Cook must be sorry as Apple is under fire from lots and lots of customers who wished, and also wanted for, to have the best product. The recently released new iOS got some errors with its new Maps app.

Two days ago Apple’s CEO Tim Cook published an open letter for all its customers who are a bit offended with the wrong things in Maps app for iOS 6. In his open letter to the iOS 6 users Mr Cook said it definitely fell short of the high standards that Apple is known for.

He added further that Apple is working on doing everything incredibly to overcome the new Maps app errors. The open letter also suggests that third-party alternative apps can be now used on the iDevices which the company is now busy improving the Maps.

To choose which is the best alternative, Mr Cook suggested few apps and that includes app from Mapquest, Bing and Waze. He also suggested few web apps naming Google and Nokia.

Well, we know that maps do suggests for third-party alternatives to find missing transit directions, but here Tim Cook is suggesting a complete replacements for its own maps app.

In the open letter the CEO also mentioned that the company is doing everything possible to make its own version of the Maps application better. He added there are currently 100 million iOS 6 users and these users will help in improving the app.

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This is not the first time Apple is apologizing in an open letter. The previous CEO Steve Jobs did the same in 2007 after dropping the price of its iPhone after within three months it reached the market. He apologized to early adopters. Also, he offered free iPhone 4 cases to buyers who were having trouble with the controversial antenna.

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