Three Must Have Travel Apps for Your Windows 8 Phone

Windows 8 is the newest kid on the smartphone OS block but with the Nokia backing it to the hilt, big things are expected from Microsoft’s ambitious product. Most experts opine, and rightly so, that the success of Windows Phone 8 will largely depend upon the strength of its apps store. However, the three travels based apps featured below are a perfect indication of how things are looking bright for Windows Phone 8 and its nascent ecosystem.


XE Currency

The issue of currency conversion is one of the first hurdles people face when traveling abroad. The entire exercise can only become rougher if a traveler is less enthusiastic about numerical calculations. XE Currency is a boon for such travelers as it keeps the user up-to-date with all the activity that is taking part on the exchange rate front. All you need to do is choose the currencies that concern you and tap in the amount of money. Doing so enables the app to automatically convert the currency as per the prevailing exchange rates.


The app’s live tile switches between the different currencies chosen by you and keeps displaying their relative value compared to the amount you mentioned as a baseline. With this app in your Windows 8 phone, you can certainly forget about getting ripped off by airport currency exchanges!


WorldMate has a feature list that is rich enough to put even a seasoned travel agent out of work. With this app, you can plan your travel in the most efficient and time saving manner. Starting with the app and planning a travel is also pretty easy. First you need to register with an email address before mailing all your travel information like hotel reservations or flight timings to the website of WorldMate. Having done with this, you can relax while the app prepares an itinerary that is quite user-friendly and also replete with maps.


However, in case you are yet to complete reservations, the app’s website can help you by searching for flights, hotels, transportation; all the while using utilizing the Kayak booking service. Apart from giving the boot to the middleman, WorldMate puts you in complete charge of planning all your travels.


The name of this app pretty much sums up everything about the way it works. An immensely useful and fun app, Meet1/2Way helps you locate the midway point between any two locations of your choice.


The app also goes a mile further by gleaning through map info and presenting before you a list of meeting places in the vicinity like restaurants, coffee shops, or even hotels. This could prove as a wonderful tool on occasions when you and the person you intend to meet have just about enough time to travel half way the distance between you two.

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