Three Lesser Known Tricks for iOS 6

iOS has always been held as a benchmark against which other competing mobile operating systems have been compared. With the launch of its latest version, Apple has ensured that people yet again find themselves marveling at the operating system’s fluidity and ease of use. That being said, the three tricks and tips featured in this article will further help users in mastering iOS 6.


Lock Down Certain Features

Privacy is a common concern across many smartphone users as they are apprehensive about other people accessing certain information that is of private nature. Users no longer have to worry about that as iOS 6 includes a ‘Restriction’ feature. It can be accessed by opening up the ‘General’ app and navigating to the ‘Restrictions’ subsection. Tapping that option leads the phone to ask you for a new passcode.


Having done this, you are free to choose apps or features that you want locked down. Using ‘Restrictions’ you can even block access to Apple services like iTunes, Safari, iBookstore, FaceTime, Camera and a few others.

Keep a Tab on Marketers

If you are among the users highly annoyed by advertisers and marketers, you would be glad to know that the option to filter or restrict them is now available thanks to some new features in iOS 6. To get this working, navigate to the ‘Advertising’ option found under the ‘General’ section and tap on it. Doing so pops up a screen with two options. ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ is the first option and it bars web advertisers from keeping a track of all the ads you have engaged with. This data helps such advertisers learn of your preference, which they use to present before you certain types of ads.


A reset button is second among the options and is a completely new addition to iOS. This button resets your phone’s advertising identifier, which is an anonymous tool that enables advertisers to track your interests when it comes to ads. Although it is not enabled now, in future Apple has stated that your phone’s apps will start using this data for refining ads. So whenever you find ads of a certain pattern appearing in your apps, you know it’s time to hit the identifier reset button.

Making the Most Out of iCloud

Apple offers all iPhone users a certain amount of storage space for free in its iCloud cloud storage service. However, that free space is a puny little 5 GB. This tiny storage is all the more reason for you to decide exactly what things from your iPhone are backed onto the cloud storage.


For starters, you can disable the backups of Camera Roll, amend which apps backup their data to the cloud, restrict the kinds of data that you sync with the cloud and keep deleting iCloud mails that are no longer of use.

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