‘This Is Now’ Website Helps Watch Instagram Photos In Real-Time

A new Website named This Is Now is a real-time photo viewing service of Instagram. Five cities have been included in the service and you need to choose from Sydney, Tokyo, London, Sao Paolo and New York.

Choosing one will instantly immerse you in a beautiful visualization of photos in real-time from the location. Believe me, pulling yourself away from it won’t be easy once you start watching.

Per Thoresson, Mauricio Massaia and Marcio Puga created This Is Now site using Instagram API to access all the photos from this photo sharing platform in real-time in desired location, which is currently limited to five cities only.

You will find photos rolling across your screen from left to right. The speed of the rolling and number of photos depend on the local time of the location. If it is night there and the city is asleep then you may get less photos. If the city is awake then a whirlwind of photos can be experienced.

At the right-hand corner of the city page you will find how many people are viewing the city in then. This too is in real-time.

If you click on a photo, it will take you to the Instagram site’s related photo page and there you can know who has uploaded the photo and also can see the comments of people.

There are currently 80 million Instagram users.

If you have used this Website, do share your experience with your fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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