The Need For Google Nexus Tablet

There has been a lot of discussion about the Google nexus tablet. Previously it was just considered to be a rumor but very soon people can see it in the market. It is all set to release in the next month.

Asus is actually all set to provide a new tablet with the quad core 1.3GHz nvidia tegra 3 chipset. The other top features of the tablet are going to be its 7 inch display with 1,280X768 pixels resolution. This is all the information available from the rumor.

The Need For Google Nexus Tablet

The need for the Google nexus tablet is still not understood. It is actually a controversial matter whether we need the tablet or not. This nexus tablet is set to be sold at below $250. This creates a great chance of the tablet being successful. The tablet is expected to arrive with some of the top features of the smart phones.

There is no need to wait longer for the software updates to get released. The software is going to be used in the all new Google nexus tablet. But there is still a question whether the tablet is required as there are at least 50 android tablets already present in the market.

The android tablets already present in the market have actually failed to impress the consumers. Some of the countries are interested in the Amazon tablet while the others have gone for the kindle fire.

It is a fact that lots of services from Amazon are restricted in the UK and the US. But the success of kindle fire has been immense and the sale of Amazon is nothing considered to the sale of kindle fire. Google nexus is offering a number of applications among which the play store can be the most popular one. but these features can be enjoyed only by few countries.

If the nexus tablet becomes a success then it can open a new dimension for the android tablets. The company needs to understand what they exactly need to compete with the iPad.

Will Nexus Tablet Be A Success?

There are certain things that need to be considered to make the Nexus tablet successful in the market. If the tablet does not offer 3G then it can surely be considered as a complete failure. Portability is one of the most important features that the tablet must offer.

It should allow the users to play games, watch videos as well as chat with friends. But the display of the tablet should be bigger so that it can offer a better workspace than the smart phones. The tablet must have something extra compared to the notebook or the netbook.

The WiFi connection is always a good feature for those people who like to travel. It is also important to find out the other plans for Google along with the nexus tablet.

It is important to find out whether Google is planning a smart phone which can be developed by Motorola under the guidance of nexus. There are certain plans considered by Google for Motorola and these plans can come to the forefront very soon.

Asus And Google Partnership For Tablet Nexus

Asus plays a major role in the Google nexus tablet and it has nothing to worry about once it has joined Google. There is a confirmation that the previous products that they created together were all success. The company has been good enough to upgrade and update the software so that customers do not feel left out.

This is the reason why the customers are quite happy with the company. But the previous products had a little problem with the GPS and this is the reason why they went forward to buy the android 4.0 quad core tablet.

Asus has become a popular company and it cares a lot about its customers. It has different kinds of plans for its customers. They listen to the complaints of the customers and try to solve the problems faced by them.

There are other tablet companies which have come forward to work with Google as they are worried that Google is going to devote all its time to the new tablet. There are companies which are ready to compete with Google by upgrading their OS. Samsung is the first company on the list which is upgrading Bada.

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