The Most Popular and Recently Introduced Android Apps

With the advent in technology and individuals looking forward to obtain the most effective technology several new products are introduced into the market everyday. Android phones are one among them which have gained huge popularity among individuals. These hi-tech devices have provided a new power in the hands of the individuals and have allowed performing almost all the tasks from their cell phones. An android phone offers a complete set of working and entertainment features to the users.


In order to please the users various app developers are introducing new apps which will not only enhance their efficiency but also allow the users to spend more time with their devices for entertainment. Some of the recently introduced apps which are loved by android phone users are listed below.

Scan Master


The most admired app introduced recently is Scan Master. It is an effective tool for converting picture files to PDF. This app is available free of cost and the individuals who require converting files into PDF format on regular basis can get this app installed on their phone.



Making modifications to the home screen in order to give it a personalized touch is loved by most of the mobile users. If you like to give a personal touch to your phone with some amazing and stylish widgets you can get this app installed on your phone. It is free and offers some outstanding templates and stylish fonts.

Perfect Tool for Picasa


This app is most loved by those individuals who love clicking photographs. Using this app, the users can manage their web albums and Google photos in a comfortable manner.



This recently introduced app gained more popularity among the individuals as it allows the users to install various patterns and designs of wall papers on their cell phone. This app is available for free and the users can install it on their android phone from internet. It is easily available on most of the websites.

App Sync

comyottajoyappsync-2-2 App sync is an effective and handy tool for those who often switch their devices. This app is also available for free and can be downloaded from any website. It allows the users to maintain a list of apps installed on their device and syncs them across various devices used by them.



This unofficial app is powered by Hype machine and allows the individuals to explore new music released and blogged all round the globe. Using this app the music lovers can stream the music directly to their android devices.



This is an outstanding app for sending and sharing photos and videos among your friends. An additional and impressive feature about this app is that you can send data with built-in timer. It is due to this feature that the pictures and videos shared by you get deleted from the device of other person after the set time.

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