Take Control of Your Responsibilities with These Three To-Do Apps

Forgetting an important task, be it personal, professional or otherwise, can be a costly affair. However, forgetfulness is quite rampant today thanks to the overload of information around us. So how exactly do we ensure tasks that are important and relevant to us are managed in the right manner?


One of the better ways to do so is by maintaining a to-do list. The three apps described below help you to create, edit, and prioritize a task list.


Conqu’s filtering system has won it quite a few fans among GTD nerds. Configuring the app is also very simple. Once set up, Conqu organizes your tasks automatically as per the time required, energy level, context and a few more. If you think one of your tasks can do with some delaying, simply do the needful by demoting it in Conqu. The app also allows you to assign any tasks/projects via email. Collaboration is also taken up a notch by the app as its ConquSync feature syncs the selected tasks/projects within a group apart from ensuring a mobile backup in the cloud storage.


Pros: Task delegation is simple, looks beautiful on tablets, and has many useful filters.

Cons: Although quite nicely featured, both collaboration and cloud backup will cost you extra.

Apart from that, the app can be used for free on iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Mac, Nook Color, Linux and Windows devices.


Owing to its use of HTML5 coding, Todoist is blazingly fast. But what truly sets this to-do application apart is its availability over a wide number of different platforms. This elevates cross platform usability to an entirely new level. However, the same cannot be said about its collaboration features.


Pros: Fantastic integration with browser, different platforms and email; users can set many customizable views.

Cons: Sharing is unfortunately absent, searching by keyword requires payment.

The platforms across which this app is available are Windows, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Mac, Web apart from plug-ins for Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird and Outlook. The app is free but the premium version will cost you $29/year.


Not the most strikingly designed app out there but Toodledo, nevertheless, manages to do its job very well thanks to its many features. The app is compatible with a host of third-party applications. You can simply import all your scheduled tasks to Toodledo because of this feature. The app also offers other notable features like grouping together tasks by location, divide larger tasks into smaller subtasks, and keep tabs on your progress with the help of a graphical representation. Another solid feature is the level of collaboration on offer.


Pros: Highly flexible, good collaboration, ‘hotlist’  feature for vital tasks.

Cons: Not available for BlackBerry and Android platforms, lacks in the looks department.

As of now, Toodledo is available for only iOS users.

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