Microsoft Word 2013: Hands on Review


Among the offered programs of Microsoft Office 2013, we can say that Word can be considered as one of the bests on its package. Well, Word 2013 is really dedicated to touch screen looking to its interface. You will be amazed with its all new feature called as Read Mode. There is also a promising fading ribbon menu when not needed which is highly optimized for touch … [Read more...]

Microsoft Presents Office 2013 Consumer Preview [Download Available]

Office 2013 Official Logo

Ballmer officially introduced the new suite of MS Office, completely renovated and known as Office 2013. The very first thing that stands out as probably the most expected, is that it is completely influenced by Metro UI to take advantage of every detail that has come with Windows 8, for both PC and Tablets. In the case of using a computer (all in one, for example) … [Read more...]