Oh! Now Date, Time Bug. iPhone 5 Owners Complain

iphone 5 date time issue

It seems the iconic iPhone 5 has still many things to improvise. The Verizon subscribers have another problem to add on, tolling on Apple discussion forum, consumers complain about the wrong date and time keep appearing in their phone. So far, the problem is specifically noted in Verizon Wireless, as most of the complaints come from Verizon subscribers. Yes, only from … [Read more...]

Why shall I Not Choose Sprint For iPhone 5 Over LTE Network

sprint-iphone 5

Many people are still deciding on which carrier to go for the iPhone 5 if they want to use the device over LTE network. Of course the first thing that comes to our mind while choosing is the network reliability, and also the transition from 3G to 4G. It is tough to say as of now that smaller service providers like Sprint and T-Mobile can really give competition to … [Read more...]

Sprint Begins 4G LTE Rollout – At a Steady Crawl

Sprint Begins 4G LTE Rollout – At a Steady Crawl

Sprint has finally taken a big step toward catching up with its rival networks right at the top of the big-leagues, by officially launching its 4G LTE service in America as of this Monday. Don’t get too excited yet however, as Sprint’s initial rollout of 4G LTE coverage will only reach 15 cities spanning five of the country’s key markets. More Cities to … [Read more...]