Review: Apple TV

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A decent and elegant TV developed by Apple with a terrific interface. Its set up is quite simple and hardly takes ten minutes from start till finish. The features include the three major functions in a single package that has iTunes, wireless display and content or channel provider. Some of its key features consists of; buying or either renting from the huge … [Read more...]

How To browse Instagram On iPad


Did you know a third party app can allow you to use your iPad as an Instagram viewer? Nope! Here is Pictacular, a free iPad app, a little buggy but presents a number of exciting features to let you browse your Instagram feed I must say. Instagram for instance, does not allow you to post photos with a third part app, but there are apps that let you browse your … [Read more...]

How to Make Phone Calls from your iPad

Phone Calls From iPad

iPad is considered as one of the most popular gadgets nowadays. It is a mini computer with full touch screen capabilities. Because of this, it is perfect for games which allow you to interact almost directly to the console or game character. Recommended: How To Make/Receive Calls In Nexus 7 Using Google Voice Also, if you will look closely to an iPad, it seems … [Read more...]

iPad App Released To Show Inner Workings Of Einstein’s Brain


The National Museum of Health and Medicine launched yesterday an app for the iPad with 350 scanned and digitized slides of brain of great scientist Albert Einstein. Associated Press reported that the goal of this new iPad app is to provide students, scientists and other people to see the inner workings of Einstein's brain. Steve Landers, the consultant for … [Read more...]

How to Record Screencasts of your iPad or iPhone

Record Screencasts iPad

If you are an application developer and want to record an in-depth review of applications on your iPad and iPhone or make tutorials better, then you need to have an effective screencast tool. Along with this is the fact that it is iPad and iPhone which prevailed to be the best hen it comes to applications and popular reviews always include iPhone and iPad. Well, with … [Read more...]

How to Record Screencasts on your iPad or iPhone

Record Screencasts On iPad

Recording videos directly from the screen of iPhone or iPad is very useful for game bloggers who wanted to capture the real action on it. However, make sure that you have the best program to be used because some of the screencast programs published on web are pixelated or completely unbearable when it comes to appearance. Of course, you need to make sure that you will … [Read more...]

Smaller Dock Connector Certain for the iPhone 5 – Consumer Backlash Likely

Smaller Dock Connector Certain for the iPhone 5 – Consumer Backlash Likely

Chatter is growing across various regions of the technology world about Apple’s plans to once and for all ditch their trademark 30-pin dock connector, beginning with the iPhone 5 later this year. According to the latest round of reports, an enormous level of consumer concern has not influenced Apple’s plans to make the move toward and all-new connector, which could … [Read more...]

Nokia’s Future Vision Now a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Nokia’s Future Vision Now a Bitter Pill to Swallow

More than a decade ago, Nokia’s chief executives and visionaries chaired meetings and delivered presentations as to exactly what they predicted the future would hold for mobile phone and mobile internet facilities. Almost eight years before the first iPhone made an appearance, the boffins at Nokia were showcasing mockups of touchscreen devices as slender as can be, … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 Arrives – The Tablet PC World Changes Forever

Google Nexus 7 Performance

Following one of the most extensive periods of speculation, anticipation, rumors and downright elaborate guesswork, the Google Nexus 7 tablet is scheduled to begin arriving at the home of preorder customers this very day. A recorded message offered on Google’s official helpline confirmed that shipping was to begin over the course of the weekend, which would in turn … [Read more...]

Apple to Launch New iPad in China July 20th – Domination Efforts Begin

Apple to Launch New iPad in China July 20th – Domination Efforts Begin

Apple has made the announcement that the new iPad will at long last launch across the Chinese market later this month on July 20th – a product launch thought to be something of a precursor to a full-scale invasion by Apple of one of the largest and indeed the fastest growing of all technology markets in the world today. A full four months after the new iPad saw its … [Read more...]